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No Smoking Day
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day 6 :(

been using the patches and all is well on the craving front, i can be around smoke and not need one, which is good because I can't get away from it, only problem is today I been feeling really emotional, i was close too tears because I'm changing college courses and I don't want to choose the wrong thing and be stuck in a rubbish job (stupid i know) and i couldn't stop crying since I got home and my mums been really angry because she doesn't want to deal with me like this, I lost It with her and It's really upset me cus we usually get on so well, im sticking to it but i don't want to feel bad and make everyone else feel bad either :( finding it hard to cope.

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Well done you for quitting, feeling like you are at the moment is a natural side effect of giving up smoking. When things get hard try to take some deep breaths. Making the decisions you are with regard to courses is difficult, I hope you manage to make the right choice, you have given up smoking which many people never achieve so if you can do that you can do anything. Good luck.


Aww Shakeira, I'd give you a big hug if I could.

I take it you are 17 from your user name.

I'm a college tutor and take it from an old man, you will make many choices over the years, some right and some wrong.

None of them are binding and all of them can be changed or adapted as you go through life.

I didn't become a tutor until 10 years ago.

My wife left school without any qualifications, didn't return to study until she was 35 and is now a director of a college.

Don't panic too much, you already show that you want to work and don't want a rubbish job, as you put it. That is more than half the battle.

You can do many, many courses but you only ever get one mom.

Go and give her a cuddle and tell her that you love her. Moms being moms, she might be annoyed with you, but she loves you and only wants the best for you.

Go on, go and do it now :)


thanks so much you two :)

I took your advise captain and made up with my mum, feel better now, just sick of feeling emotional and tearful for no reason all the time that's all x


Hi Shakeira. Firstly welcome. I'm so glad you made up with ya mum. Although you have fallen out tonight she still loves you and is quite possibly made up on the fact you made the choice to stop smoking.

She will in time tell you how proud she is of you and the decision you've made. Some people are better at handle other peoples bad times. And showing emotions. Keep up the good work. Si


How has it gone today Shakeira?

Just think, by the end of today you will have done a whole week and will be starting week 2!




been stuck inside all day because I don't feel well, I was so close to having a fag


Why the thumbs down?

You have been feeling down and were close to having a fag.

CLOSE to having a fag! That means you DIDN'T have one!

On a really bad day you made it through without a fag.

That's a fantastic achievement and you should look at the positive of that.

If you can make it through the bad days, the no so bad days will be easy.

Congratulations! :D



Hi Shakera

How are you today, hope you are feeling better and friends with your mum again. I have had 4 daughters so I know what it is like when things get stressful. Good girl for giving up smoking now instead of being silly like me and putting it off until your 50's think of all the extra money you will have to spend. Did you go to college today?.


Sorry shakera just read your reply to capitan, sorry you are not feeling well.


when I'm out or at college I'm surrounded by smokers all day, which isn't that good I guess but I can't stand being stuck inside all the time and I'm fine with being around smokers, I went into college the other day and a guy walk up to me and asked about my quitting and then tried to give me a fag, what a twat lol but that didn't even affect me. It's now when I'm on my own that I feel worse :/ also I'm on patches and they are making me feel bad anything i can do?


Still look at the positive of you not smoking despite feeling the urge as that really is an achievement, even if you don't think so.

I think I mentioned before about maybe going cold turkey but you said you didn't think you could cope.

Using patches is fine, but you are still getting nicotine so you are prolonging the point when you finally go through the 3 days it takes to clear all the nicotine from your body.

At some stage you are going to have to do it.

In my mind I thought the quicker the better but only you can decide what's good for you.

I've heard that patches are absolutely brilliant to help you stop smoking...

Put one on each eye and you can't find your fags or lighters! :D :D


Im on patches too, I wa also using the spray which helped get me through the first week. Have you gone to a smoking clinic they can advise you on the different things you can try and give you them on prescription. The person who tried to give you a cigarette is probably wishing he could stop so tried to get you back on them, well done for being strong and saying no. Don't think you can't do it because you are doing it, right now, keep strong it will get better.


i have an appointment for a smoking clinic next week, was all booked up when I wanted to quit so my mum got me the patches, they giving me headaches, they aren't as bad as the ones I used to have when I smoked though, erm but i have belly aches and nausea and keep having these weird pains in my arms :L x


I'm on a week though!


Exactly Shakeira, you've made a week!

You'll still have some strong craves to come, but getting over that first week is a major achievement.

You'll make it girl, you just seem the strong willed, never say die type of person to me :)


Perhaps you ought to get an appointment to see a doctor to just check if it is the patches that are making you feel ill, if they are you don't want to wait until next week, or it could be that you have picked up a virus but best to check it out.


I will make an appointment :)

my doctor will say Its because of my post viral fatigue syndrome

I don't think I have that though because my symptoms disapeared when I quit :)


Best to check it out though, hope you feel better soon.


Hi Shakera sweetie

How are you feeling today, did you manage to get to the doctor?.


Hi dolly how's you doing. Hope your good

I'm having a good day today. Well so far. Si


Hi Sii, glad you are having a better day, mines not been great but getting through it must be the weather!


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