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Not sure where I fit in here - new member


I've been looking around this forum for a while now, it's been a great help to me, thank you all for posting! You may not realise that you are helping many more people than those involved in the conversations. Not quite sure where I fit in. I quit January 1st 2012 cold turkey, had a blip and smoked one on day 5, then another today, day 34... Thought it might be time to introduce myself properly and see if talking can help me get back on the wagon.

I guess I am on day 1 again :confused: shame...

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I guess you are back at day one. Giving up means just that.

Just learn from your experience, each quit makes you stronger to carry out the next quit. Some members have quit many times. All are trying to make the current quit their final.

Good luck


You've only had 2 cigarettes in 34 days!

Whilst technically you are back on day 1, you have proved to yourself that it is possible to quit eventually.

You just need to remember what happened to cause you to smoke those two times and be ready for it next time.

You know you can do it, you just need that tiny extra bit of will power when it gets tough.

Good luck this time around. :)


Thanks for your welcoming messages. So disappointed in myself, the cigarette today was vile, and absolutely not worth it, but for the last week the cravings have been getting more and more severe and intense. Just couldn't get motivated and get on with things that needed to be done and had convinced myself it would help... It didn't!!!

This is my first cold turkey attempt. I have tried EVERYTHING up until now (champix, NRT etc). CT seems to work better than anything else, just wasn't expecting it to become so difficult after a month.:eek:


The only time you should be disappointed with yourself is when you stop trying.

Focus on what you achieved and get on that horse and try again.

You'll get there in the end :)


Hey Flower, I am also a New Years Day quitter and I also had a blip about 2 weeks in. The most important thing right now is that you stay quit. If going back to day 1 is motivating and helpful for you, then you should continue.

I decided to keep counting because it gives me a sense of satisfaction and gives me an extra reason to not go back to the start. I just don't want to call myself a smoker again, even if it was one day, or one cigarette. You should still read the posts of people around your quit day because the symptoms and experiences seem to change as you go and you should be able to relate.

Your still doing great! Keep on that quit wagon!


Hi, well done gritting teeth and carrying on. What were the triggers? how did the thought process go that led up to having a fag. I'm no amateur psych, but i think it can hold the keys as to what trips you up.

My cravings tend to be around the barmy idea that i'm somehow missing out on a drink and a fag on the early evening wind down. How about you?


Thanks for your positivity. Such a hard decision whether to carry on and pretend it didn't happen and say tomorrow is day 35 or go back to day 1. There are some compelling arguments for both sides.

Sticking in day 1, but I will be checking the month 1 plus posts to see what's going on there too. I feel determined to keep on though, and more positive about the quit than before I had this blip. Not that I advise this as a strategy, it's a risky move. If I make it back on track over the next few days then I'll be very relieved.

I can only say what led me to cave in was an overwhelming amount of work to do and an extreme lack of motivation to do it. The work has to get done, it's for a course that I am due to complete soon. The pressure is on and in the past, my cigarette breaks would have spurred me on.

I just don't have the focus that I had when I had the cigs to motivate me. I'm over tired and recently started to feel really down. Most of the time during the week I am so busy that I don't think too much about it, but when I am at home for the weekend with nothing to do but assignments, I'm not getting anywhere. :(


Sounds like all work and no play, and like cigarettes would help you get through the assignments. I sympathise. I did a part time 5 yr degree in my forties (when i was a non smoker for many years), so know what it's like to have to keep ploughing on through assignments. Its like those little punctuation marks when you are studying. I think it used to be biscuits with me!

So, what's going to help with the studying? If its energy boost, then rosemary tea is really good (tastes a bit grim, but wakes you up)...or if it's relief and punctuation....carrot sticks (i know!) or smoking a biro (i know...sad...but it helps me!). How long is the studying going on for? Is it the company you need?

Finally (sorry, blahing on here), it doesn't matter if its day one or day 35 (maybe day 35 is better), because in a years time you won't even remember this, but you will still be a non smoker.

When i got really bogged down in studying, or had to grasp something really hard...i had a glass of wine. Not trying to turn you into an alcoholic, but i found it helped..even if it was midday


You are absolutely spot on... all work and no play!! And in all honesty, smoking or not smoking I reckon I would be running out of steam and overtired by now. I finish mid April, so not too long, but a fair few challenges to face before I qualify and I am exhausted.

Thanks for the advice, just chatting things through makes me realise that I need to be more structured with my reward system since I no longer have the hourly cigarette break to look forward to! I hadn't realised how reliant I was on it until today and have been struggling every weekend.

The weeks fly by and in some ways choosing now to quit seemed to be working due to the busyness of the week days. It's just the days that I have to sit still and quiet and focussed... disastrous!

New reward system will be in place for tomorrow... Day 2/35


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