No Smoking Day
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wasnt supposed to quit till next week but what the hell

I joined this forum yesterday just to say hi and ask for advise and got confused by austin but also had a loads links sent from him and purple cav and support messages from complete strangers ahhhhh (((GROUP HUG ))) THANK YOU :D

Anyways printed it all out and been leaving it around for my smoking family to read knowing them they wont though i was feeling really good even though i only had 2 rollies before going out with a none smoking friend and only smoked 1 and a bit rollies the second one i dropped

Then i lost my baccy umm was quite drunk but didnt bother me that much went back to my mates house drank whiskey shots and because i was dying most of day till i found his red bull that helped me back to life mate gave me a lift home via the shop but only bought red bull to relace what i drunk

Came home pinched a rollie of my brother and sat looking sniffing it and been rereading more and decided as its been nearly 24 hours since my last puff that i might as well start now

Im not having any withdrawels so far

im hoping i might miss that part

Fantasy world again ;)

Thank you all for helping including confusing austin and pervy KK hehe oh and of course jimmer who owes me chocolate lots and lots : D

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Good for you! No time like the present.

It's going to be a bit of a roller coaster I expect, but keep focussed and stay strong and keep posting, you can do it.

Helen x


Ty Helen im starting to feel weird ((some would say thats im weird already)) lol i call it being me : D but since earlier i feel like im buzzing not sure if thats down to not smoking or just being energised that im doing it

It stinks downstairs and im already annoying my family

:D thats my aim in life or one of them ive told everyone who dont think im gunna last to start saving up so they pay up after 6 months and 2 of them are that confident they are upping the bet


Its now upto £800.00 yippee im hoping it will go higher

Mind you if i carry on annoying them they might pay me more just so they can get rid of me for longer hehe thats fine with me im gunna work out where im going first by eny meany miny moo or i might just throw darts at the map but thats abit dangerous me and sharp things especially throwing things umm dont mix


sort of in day 2 now

:confused: couldnt sleep last night and kept waking up really hot im not feeling as confident today but im going to try and keep calm im of out with some friends later 2 smoke 2 dont ive already told them all that im quitting and the smokers not to give me a fag no matter how much i beg them too :( also going to be sensible ((thats a word i hardly use and anyone knowing me using it wilbe shocked:eek:))

and not drink much ive got busy weekend with parties sooo will try and pick up one of those spray things or the pretend fag im going to the chemist while im out to see how much they cost

mind you strange thing i normally drink loads of coffees in the morning but this morning made one tasted weird so asked my mum to taste as i thought maybe the milk was of she said it was ok so i had a couple of sips and ended up chucking it as it just didnt taste right


Confusing Austin huh?

I'm going to remember that!

I will simplify. :o

Try to forget the things you've been told and look at your quit with fresh, open eyes.

Try to forget anything you think you know about cravings, nicotine, weight-gain etc etc.

When you quit nothing bad happens.

It's nothing like that film Trainspotting.

Your mind will prompt you to smoke regularly. It will nudge you with smoking suggestions until to teach it that you don't smoke, It will soon get the message and nudge you less.

Your body will recover from not constantly ingesting a poison. That recovery will take a week or two and throw up various symptoms that you can deal with and possibly make you feel worse than when you smoked.

If you cave and smoke you mustn't pass 'go' and collect £100 you just postpone the recovery till the next time. Everyone has to suffer that little bit of physical discomfort sooner or later.

That's it. Don't stick 'em in your gob. don't light 'em.

I've done it, he's done it, she's done it and we're nothing special. We just chose not to smoke.

We're just a little further up a very well-trodden path than you and we're quite keen for you to join us.

If you have questions someone here will have an answer.



The sleeping thing and the taste thing ... both perfectly normal.

They're just more signs of how comprehensively smoking knackers your body. It messes with your blood flow, your sense of taste and smell, your sleep patterns... both inside (heart, lungs, blood) and outside (teeth, skin, nails) it's just unspeakably bad for you. All these symptoms you experience is because your poor body is finally getting a chance to function the way it's supposed to. It's bound to feel weird, if you think about it.

Enjoy the rest of day 2, and watch out for the demon drink, it's been the ruin of many a promising quit!

Keep on keeping on,



Best wishes on your quit, Muddles :)

...and purple cav...

Start Wearing won't help your quit but it'll make you smile :D

Hope the link works. Can't check on the work 'puter. If not I'll fix later ;)


Another purple theme

Someone else is wanting to wear purple!


well it dont take much to confuse me anyways :p

thanks for the link cav PURPLE is my fav colour i want to change my writing to purple how do i do that :confused:

im going to limit myself drink wise Helen and my none smoking friends have all promised to watch me at all times

they all have to look after me anyways when we go out its in there contracts :D


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