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Week 3 wasnt that bad :)

Barring I think day 15, I have to say the third week was easier then I thought it would be.

Might be because I spent more time trying to support others, as I was supported by you LOL, that I never had time to think bout myself who knows?

But on Sunday evening 7:30 pm week 3 will be done and dusted for me.

This was by far the easiest week!

I start a "Jogging" program next week should be fun, that and riding bike with my son in the evening's I should be a lean mean NON smoking machine in ten or twelve weeks umm err if I dont make any more random KFC trips LMAO jees did I pig out hmmm can still taste it!

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Well done Gary, keep it going, sounds like you are going strong.

This forum does really help, its great to help spur others along at their weak moments whilst getting some great support yourself.

I'm only a day or two off my first month and i'm also starting jogging as of Monday, just purchased an IPod Nike gadget so I can measure my fitness etc, (all paid for with saving from ciggies)



Well done Gary !

I'm a Day behind you so following on and keeping up with your posts.

It has definatly been an easier week, although I am a wee bit jittery today for some strange reason!

Onwards to Week 4 next week.....



Well done Gary ,what an achievement :D


Well done Gary. It's always good to get those tricky milestones out of the way. And I agree with you that supporting other people is very therapeutic in itself. There have been many times when I have come on here to grizzle, then seen that someone is having a harder time than me. Once you go into "help" mode, it puts your head in a stronger place, I think.


Well done Gary, I'm a couple of days behind you and it's helped me reading your posts. Have to agree with you that this last week was easier than the first 2. I will look forward to joining you in week 4 after Tuesday:D


Well done gary im only on day 1 but reading youre post keeps me strong ,thanks .


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