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Help! Help! Help!

I am a New Years Day quitter.

Until today I was doing ok, by this I mean I have not smoked and have just about coped with not smoking, since Jan 1st

Today has been a horror, absolute horror, and I have no idea why.

I have browsed this forum since my quit date without joining, but have joined this evening so that I have somewhere to sound off and look for help before I get in the car and drive to the local shop and buy cigarettes.

I am not thick but am about to give in to a voice in my head telling me that one cigarette on a bad day isnt like really smoking...........

I have already scoured drawers, hand bags, coats, bins for abandoned packets but......I did the homework and prep well so this was without joy!

I have read (and used to believe) that physical addiction should be gone by now (day 10) - so why then is Every nerve in my body tingling, gagging, begging for me to smoke - and, let me admit, my mind is really eager to give my body an excuse!

At least typing this has given me some thinking time...........

Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - even my teeth tingle!!!

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Hi on day 10 withdrawal symptoms only appeared to start yesterday,am so tired and keep getting a sore throat and cough on and off...itl all be worth it in the end tho,thats what you got to keep thinking,this site helps so much too, everyones so supportive and kind.

Good luck and dont give up giving up xx


Hhaha,I get that voice telling me 1 on a bad day doesnt really does..itl only turn in to 20 a day...x


I have only registered to be able to reply to you...just to add to the pressure!

Seriously, I know exactly how you feel and it DOES pass. I believe the reason the craving can feel so strong when we are told the physical addiction has gone is because of the pathways nicotine has forged in our brain. There are millions of neural pathways programmed to tell us that we need our hit so we can feel the relief of the addict and dopamine rush. It takes roughly 3 wks for these pathways to start dying off. If you do have a cigarette you will delay the recovery as you are firing up those pathways again and not allowing them to die. I am no scientist (surprise) but thinking of it this way has helped me.

I'm on day 9 and am choosing not to smoke one craving at a time.

Good luck.


PDA, you're right, the body is free of nicotene. Which isn't to say that the mind can't do HORRIBLE things to you that feel absolutely like physical symptoms.

I so understand how you feel, and sympathise. We've all been where you are now. But if you cave in now, if you pick up that first cigarette, then you're back to square one. Again. Being enslaved to a bloody weed that's slowly strangling the life out of you. I know how persuasive the voice can be, but block it out. Have a bath. Go to bed. Play a video game. Eat some cake. Whatever... don't smoke.

If you smoke, you'll wake up tomorrow feeling defeated and miserable. Who knows how long it will be before you have the courage to try again. Sucking in tar and toxins and trying to convince yourself that you feel better for it. Look at all the people who've caved on here before - they'd be the first to stand up and say don't do it, don't make the same mistake, it's not worth it.

If you don't smoke you'll feel like shite for a few hours. Then you'll wake up tomorrow one day further into a successful quit, feeling pretty damn proud of yourself, continuing to heal, continuing to be in control of your addiction. Look at the people who've maintained successful quits on here - they'd be the first to stand up and say don't cave in, fight through, it truly does get better and you won't regret it.

A successful quit is all about making the right choice, no matter what. This is one of your no matter what moments.

Hope you find the strength,

Helen x


If you smoke, you'll wake up tomorrow feeling defeated and miserable. Who knows how long it will be before you have the courage to try again. Sucking in tar and toxins and trying to convince yourself that you feel better for it. Look at all the people who've caved on here before - they'd be the first to stand up and say don't do it, don't make the same mistake, it's not worth it.

PDA Helen is absolutely right....the easy part is giving in..... the hard part....fighting the bloody demon and tellin it where to get off......yes it's physical.... emotional draining and a million things in between but you CAN get through this.....take small steps because they eventually set you free.....

Hang in there :) Michelle


Well done on your quit and welcome to the forum :) Can I suggest that you read tales from the quit at (at least I think that is the link but check out other forum members signatures as they have the right links)

If you are not using NRT then the nicotine would have left your body however you will still have to work on the pyschological part. You have probably fed the nicotine monster for a long time? It is hungry and wants feeding, it's tap, tap, tapping and trying to grind you down to try and get you to give in each time you beat it, it gets smaller and smaller. ;)

I have only been quit a few days but have in the past quit for a few months so know it gets easier.

Quitting smoking is a big thing so celebrate your milestones and be proud :)

All the best with your quit


You people need big big hugs!

I was kind of hoping someone would be browsing that got how I feel.......I posted, had a shower(Lord knows why - I never smelled so fresh in years), came and looked here and - you answered.......Well - I now have a kind of large scotch and ice in my hand which is at least not a ciggie!

Really thank you to everyone answered me.........

Guilt trip I am on at the mo - I think I may have hmmmm.......engineered a row with OH to excuse the cigarette I thought I would smoke but didnt cus I came here first - how evil is that????

thank you all



Well done making it this far.

No, I think what some people say (usually never-smokers) about physical addiction leaving by day 3/4 is complete rubbish. I wouldn't distinguish between physical and psychological addiction so heavily in any case. To all intents and purposes (your experience), they are the same. So when someone says it's all in the mind on day 10, it is, but then as a smoker it's all in the mind in any case (what is the mind if not a giant network of receptors for various different molecules?!).

I'm on day 15 and if anything I'm closer to quitting my quit than I was on day 3 when my body was aching.

But... I must stick with it, if only to see whether it'll be much better on day 30 :p.

And you must do the same!


I agree with tinks about

I found - and continued to find - that they are a great source of comfort and inspiration.

Scotch and ice is good. Well done for hanging in there. Tomorrow is another day!


You should be really proud of yourself for riding that one out. Hope your OH got poured a large scotch too!


Today was the closest I came so far to quitting the quit - BUT I am now moving on to day 11 so thinking I did right coming here and realised I got to get rid of the arrogance! Had there been B&H Gold in this house tonight - they would have been smoked........fists clenched, resolute - thinking this forum may be the difference for me and expect to be back



Nice one!! ;) I've met some fantastic people thanks to this forum...

Mines a vodka and red bull by the way oh and chocolate cake :D

I'll look forward to your day 11 post...


Wow great that you managed to stay smokefree well done :)

just remember next time you get that horrible nic demon trying his best to tempt you reread this post first and it will help you to remember how you came soo close but beat it once so you can beat it again those cravings will get weaker for the most part but always be on your guard :eek:

He is always going to be there but if you just ignore him

(he hates that) and goes into a sulk

Onwards and upwards is the way to go



My first post - just to sympathise with you pda!

I'm on day 11, and today has been a really good day :D Unlike yesterday and two other days where I was climbing the walls wanting a ciggy for several hours in the evening. This 'cravings pass within a few minutes' is not always true as I did a lot of clock watching on those days I've just mentioned.

Survived these bad episodes so far, glad you got through yours too pda. I hope tomorrow will be a good day for you :)


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