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some ups, lots of downs

First of all, I am so glad I came across this fantastic forum; I have been observing for a while now, but I figured why not register and actually talk to you all :-)

I have been smoking for almost 14 years now and while I mostely smoked 1 pack a day, I spent the last year smoking 2+ packs a day!

Last Friday night, out of nowhere, I said to my husband "Tomorrow morning, I will get up and NOT smoke". He thought I was joking and so was I; the plan was to get Zyban (or alike to help me kick the bad habit).

But here I am...a total emotional wreck on day 2 of my new, smoke-free life!

I cried myself to sleep last night. I woke up in the middle of the night crying. I woke up this morning yelling, screaming, and crying. I felt so depressed this morning that I was ready to call the clinic and get some psychological help; I am talking about seriously negative thoughts!

As the day went on, I calmed down a little bit and I am still holding up pretty well regarding the physical withdrawl symptoms. I don't have the munchies (yet) and I don't even have many cravings. I do feel super-cold all the time...anybody else experiencing that? As a hardcore-smoker I am always cold, but now that I quit I sit here shivering all day long. I even hopped in the shower 3 times only to warm up. 2 was alright considering I don't suffer physically too much (yet?), but I am having some serious psychological issues here. It seems as if kicking the habit brings up a whole bunch of issues that were/are all tied to that terrible habit, and now I am facing a whole bunch of new problems.

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Hi miss mango,

And so well done for getting to day 2. That is ace!!

Are you using any NRT or anything like that? it might help if you did and if cold turkey is too hard for you.

But remember that the nicotine will be out of your body within 48 - 72 hours of quitting. Then you will be over the worst. So stick it out babes :) You will be so proud of yourself if you do.

Wishing you all the best,

Zoe x

P.S. I don't recommend Champix as it turned me into a wild virago, so am starting a new quit myself :o.


Hi zoemac and thanks for the reply! :)

I actually tried Champix about a year ago but before the inital 2 weeks were up, I already threw the product away because I didn't sleep for what felt like 2 entire weeks.

I am currently not taking NRTs because my whole smoking cessation was kind of unplanned, but after not smoking for half a day I figured to just go with the flow and see what happens.

Making it to day 7 and getting rid of the nicotine in my body is what keeps me going for now. As I said, the cravins are absolutely bearable but right now I am really sick and tired of this depressive mood I am in.

Good luck to you too! Are you going cold Turkey this time or are you taking other NRTs?


Hi miss mango,

I dread to think about going back on the Champix, cos although it worked for a few weeks at a time, I ended up thinking I was dying :rolleyes: I have four patches left from my first quit attempt, plus twelve inhalator cartridges, so I might try those for a few days but am thinking of going back to the stop smoking clinic as that helped a lot. Don't want to have nicotine in my system for too long though, as it was so much easier when it was gone!! My downfall was a train journey home, which I thought would be okay, but turned out to be a trigger which I thought I had overcome but hadn't.

Oh well, you live and learn :rolleyes:



Hi Miss M,

Welcome to the site. You're doing fabulously well. Do hang in there, you're nearly over the worst of the immediate withdrawals. I'm not saying that after 72 hours everything will be peachy, but the physical stuff will start to ease off a bit and you'll be so proud of yourself.

You just have to keep making the right choice. It gets easier and easier to make the more you realise how great the freedom is.

I recommend passing the time reading - very inspiring.

Hang in there!



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