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No Smoking Day
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OK you lot - budge up!

I am entering month 3 tomorrow!

Having completed 2 months of being smoke free I feel SO good. I even feel cured! I know I can never have another puff but I feel I can face any situation now and not have to worry how I'll cope without a ciggie. I am not being complacent - I know that it is SO easy to go back to the fags when you think you've cracked it, but I think of myself as a non-smoker and the non-smokers I know don't 'have the occasional ciggie' so I know I can't either.

I just need to convince my hubby now that it isn't as difficult as it is made out to be! Then my house can be smoke free too.

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Hi Jerry Lee

Great 2 months completed and am sure eveyone has budged up a bit you are doing really well





Thanks Marg - I know I have needed your support over the last couple of months so thanks for that - you have been an inspiration - you are always so positive about quitting, it has made me see that quitting really is a very positive thing to do!

Thanks again

Nicki x


Hi Nicki :D

Thankyou for those kind words so glad I could help you as others on here helped me it's great knowing there are always people to help when you need it

You have been no sloth in the helping dept, helping and supporting others and after all thats what this place is all about




budge up errrrrrrrrrrrrrr

how can i budge up ?

gained 2 stone since giving up smoking

me need all the room i can get.

well done ...its brilliant feeling when you hit the 3 month mark

going to be even better when you reach 4 months and beyound.

i have decided that i am going to buy a cheap motor home for myself.

so on my budget it will take bout 15 months to get a cheapie but the best

thing is it will come direct from the ciggie money that i used to throw away each week with.

at the end of it the campervan will be all mine.



hi jerry lee

CONGRATULATIONS on joining month 3. xx

il shift up my big bum, you can sit next to me :p


OOOh watch out, month 3 room, our jerry- lee has a very big horse to fit in there!!! well done Jerry Lee-feels great doesn't it? xxxxxx


Awww thanks you lot! And thanks Shabba for saying I can bring horsey along too after all he was one of my main inspirations to quit smoking as I had got to the stage that I couldn't afford to smoke AND have a horse.


jerry lee you have cracked this smoking lark,,congrats on moving in to 3 months,,,wow,,feels good to be a non smoker,,.we have all helped each other on here,,keep the faith tony

go girl go:cool:


This time I feel I am experienced enough to shout 'MODS!'


WELL DONE Jerry Lee, you have been so strong and positive and it has all paid off.

Good luck on working on the hubby, I casually mentioned it to mine and all I got was a, "i'm feeling good at the moment and I don't want to spoil that". Luckily mine smokes outside.

Keep on smiling.:)


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