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Help - is this normal?

Hey there guys

I'm 23 days into my quit. Since stopping, I've noticed that I sometimes cough-up bits of mucus with flecks of brown in it. I can only describe it as looking like little bits of wheatabix (?) Would I be correct in assuming that it's bits of tar? Also, every once-in-a-while, I've coughed-up small bits of darker (almost black) bits of stuff which looks like little bits of burned nut shell (my God -- perhaps they're little bits of burned lung!) :(

It's only very small amounts every now and then. Would this be my lungs clearing themselves? Or is it something I should be concerned about? Anyone else had this? I'm a little bit worried if I'm honest. :(

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please dont panic coughing up crap of your lungs is a side effect if your worried about it though you should ring either the quitline or nhs direct have you had any flu viruses? As sometimes that can make it worse


Hey Legs,

It's normal to cough up stuff so don't worry.

I was worried cos I didn't ;)

Zoe xx


Completely normal. Your lungs are ridding themselves of some of the coating of tar and assorted crap. It's all good.



yep all completely normal , but like said if it worrying you seek medical advice . :)


Go see a doctor. I highly doubt anyone on here is qualified to assess your medical condition.


I have also experienced this and was confused at first until my friend told me it is just normal. But as teleguy said, it's best to consult your doctor just be sure.


I'm doing the same - no wait - its chuncks of toffee from that last cake! :D


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