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Day 3 Things are getting Better

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Hey all,

Been a pack a day smoker for 6 years now and decided to quit on Saturday. I've done 2 full days already and into the 3rd right now. Reading all your posts is inspiring cos 6 years is nothing compared to what some of you are fighting against... It's definitely getting better today, yesterday was absolutely horrible, I mean I couldn't do anything without thinking of a cigarette... and my whole body felt so tense and cramped up, I kept stammering too when i spoke... it's getting better though, I still can't stop thinking about a cigarette, but I'm just eating a lot more than I used to in order to battle the urge... which I know is not great, but I've started jogging in the evenings as well (if you can call it jogging!, but my stamina's improving by the day)

I know I can handle the physical withdrawal... I just hope the mental addiction goes away soon too... I just graduated from college and one of the reasons why I decided to quit was that I blanked out in my first 2 job interviews half way through because I needed a cigarette... it definitely contributed to me not getting the jobs... I mean I don't see how I can not blank out in a 2 hour interview... Hopefully this blanking out will stop... On another note, for some reason I'm finding it so much easier to wake up after insufficient sleep nowadays, strange huh? Anyone wanna share some of your thoughts about my/your experience with quitting?

10 Replies

Hello neil and welcome to the site!!

Congratulations on your first 2 full days!! I am glad you are reaping the benefits all ready, it feels soooo good to take on board a full lung full of breath !!!

Keep going and stay strong :D

~Buffy x x


Keep going, the jogging will help as you will appreciate your lungs as they clean up.

Your concentration will improve too

great decision - go for it!:D


Congrats on giving up, I had smoked for 38 years, hubby for 42 years, giving up has not been easy but we are getting there, both now on day 23. Good luck, stay strong. Look forward to seeing more posts from you.

xxxx Pupalup xxxxxx:)


Hi Neil

The mental side of quitting is the hardest bit, and I think most would agree.

Just look through the posts on the site and you will see posts from people who have smoked for donkeys years (including myself) so it can be done.:)

The first week is the hardest, after that it's all in the mind, and how much you really want to quit.

I am now at my record for being off the cigs (31 days, 30 days was my longest before in 29 years smoking). Never thought i could do it, but I can gladly say it is getting easier by the day. The one thing still being difficult is when having a beer :eek:

I am by no means over it, but taking one day at a time I feel I can beat this.

I wish you all the luck with your quit. Keep at it.:D


Go for it neil it will be the best thing you ever did. :D

Stay strong,



hey Neil

Keep focused and never forget why you gave up smoking. Im currentlyon my 11th day and feel like a changed man, I really do, I so far have had no urges to smoke. The reason why I gave upis because I dont want my son to have a Dad who smokes.

As for drinking beer and smoking, I look at it this way, the beer/wine that I drink now taste so much better, it really does and the food taste fantastic, why I ever wanted to mask my taste buds for so long is beyond me.

Congrats on your 3rd day and never faulter, failure is not an option:)


Thanks all!

Thanks everyone for your encouragement! This is the most friendly forum of any subject that I've been to! thefunkmunk, beer does taste better already, although it is true that resisting a cigarette is hardest when I'm drunk... I'm on my 4th day now, guess I need to change rooms in the forum, can't wait to reach the 6 months ++


Well done Neil for getting this far.

You got it right, this forum is v v friendly and I think if it wasn't for the ppl on here, some of us including myself would have started again. I'd feel like I was letting a lot of ppl down.


beer does taste better already, although it is true that resisting a cigarette is hardest when I'm drunk

Be careful alcohol also works quicker without smoking :D I think that the smoking sends you over quicker so no smoking = more drinking = hitting the floor faster :D

The not smoking with alcohol comes pretty easily with time x x x x

we need something to let our hair down with!! geesh!! hehehehhe

Well done stay strong x x


Neil, well done on making a great decision,

While out with hubby for a drink at the pub tonight, we were having our daily chat about 'hows it been for u today luv' and we got to talking about the last time i gave up. (this was for 12 years) and why i started again after such a long time. And itwas only then that i truly realised why i started again.

It was to be 'in the gang' and not an outsider, all of our friends smoked and i didnt, and i subconsciencely felt left out. Now what has made me more encouraged is that if i smoke again, i wont be 'part of the gang' as most of my friends and colleagues dont smoke. Also i would lose all my great friends on here as well.

Hoped this has helped ;)


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