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No Smoking Day
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Oh yes he did!

Call me lardy, the OH soon to be homeless OH that is lol

He has also given up and of course, he is an image of Brad Pitt, methinks not!

So told him I am happy my additional lard and better that than having smoked nearly a 1,000 fags which is what I would of done in the time I've quit!!

Ever seen anyone backtrack faster than Lewis Hamilton on warm up laps!! Of course, he was only joking.....grrrrr....I know I'm in for a weekend of compliments and so going to milk that one, might get him to take me for a meal hahahaha

I'll fix my weight (5lbs at last count) in the New Year....honest but food just tastes and smells sooo good :D

Keep positive and smiling


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ha ha ha you know I'm rolling round Sandbach in my lardiness..... :eek:

I'm with you girl January I'll pick my flab up n do something :D


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