No Smoking Day
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Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!!!!


I survived a 40th Birthday party in the pub with a skin full of JD ...I could see them out of the window smoking and it did not bother me, not even a crave not a flicker of .. hmm I want.. nothing! Noting at all :D Not even when they came in smelling of fresh smoke... nothing! Only a half a lozenge all night and I think that was more of a "just in case" rather than actually wanting it

I cant even put into words how that feels :D

So to any of you coming up to your 28 days... hang in there, you CAN do it and you DO feel better and the cravings DO go away no matter how much you drink lol

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of myself!!!!!!!!!

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That is bloody fantastic! Well done.


well done should be very proud of yourself !!! You will hopefully now live until your 50th xx


Thank you :D so peased..

Oh it wasn't MY 40th party lol it was my friends, and I hope to hell I go way past my 50th :cool:


I certainly hope so too !!! I have never felt so well ever than since I stopped xx


Really well done SS I was worried too when I had a drink but I just chew gum and let the smokers get on with it now.They certainly smell when they come back inside.Im just glad its not me anymore.

Great result:D


Wow! Short stuff that is fantastic! Well done! A big trigger out of the way onwards and upwards for you now:)


Well done sxs! Absolutely Amazing! You have done so well.


Fantastic! It's great when you overcome those big hurdles, and even better when they're painless!

You should be proud of yourself. It's a great achievement.

Onwards and upwards!

H x


Nice one, SS....big congrats!!!


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