No Smoking Day

yes, Yes, YES!!!!!!!!

Hey, I would like to just quietly mention that I have made it to DAY 22, and feeling quite pleased with myself! :D

Only down feeling lately is the extra 5 pounds of weight!!!!!!!!! I guess that is my next challenge:)

Cravings still there but so much easier to deal with and I think finally I have got my head round it!

Thanks for all your support, I wouldnt have got here without it!!

Have a good day xxxx

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Well done on 22 smoke free days !!

Here's to the next 22.

And the 22 after

And the 22 after that !!

This is the first 22 of forever !!

Well done, you're doing brilliantly !

Keep it up. It's inspirational for us all !!



Way to go sweets! It gets easier each day. The more time you can put between you and your last fag the easier it gets.:)


so you should too!. geting through one day is to be proud of. many cant do that, even though they wish they could. stay strong x


Well done Trying.

It does as Kazza said get easier as time goes by.

Worry about the extra pounds after xmas.:)

You are over the worst of it. The cravings will never be any more difficult than the ones you have already overcome.

Good luck.:)


Ace. You should change your name to "Doing"


Thank you all very much!!

I am on day 24 today and struggling again! It really is amazing just how long this journey is. You assume when it starts getting a bit easier all will be ok, but then these bad days just pop up and bite us on the bum.:eek:

Hanging on in there, hope all you guys are good and have a fab weekend xxxx


You should change your name

Just caught up with this thread and whoever it was that said you should change your name, is right (I fink it was SugarSpunSister) (great name btw).

You should change it from Trying - to DOING cos you're on day 24 and you're DOING it !

Great job !!!

Well done and keep it up. It's gonna bite ya from time to time for ages yet - but the key thing is that the gaps in between will get longer and longer!

Keep DOING it, DOING !




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