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Day 11 :)

Hey guys, on day 11 and apart from the first 3/4 days it's been so much easier than I anticipated. I get very rare cravings and if I do they're normally just little hints I can reason with or just brush away :)

The only bad things I would that that affected me greatly was the constipation at the beginning which seems to be sorting itself out now and same with the insomnia.

Another issue is also the weight gain :( It's already something I struggle with both mentally and physically, everything I eat just seems to go straight to me. It's been like this since I was 5 (Im 18 now), I used to go up a stone with my age until I lost of weight which is now back on again :( I've been for things like under active thyroid tests but I haven't got it. I was about 16 and a half stone before I started and now I'm 17 stone 4, the most annoying thing is I haven't even eaten that much. I guess the only thing in my favour is that I do look OKish for my size but its starting to get me down. Some of the weight gain could also be a bit of muscle because I've started walking more, doing a bit more running and I did a weight session with my sisters boyfriend last Saturday. I got down to 13 stone last October but piled it back on due to many problems. It was hard enough back then but now it just seems even harder!

But you know if I can deal with being overweight since I was 5, I can deal with it for a little longer while I sort it out - tbh I'm saying it will be harder than quitting smoking for me!

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Well done on reaching 11 days!!! You sound so positive about giving up smoking and just know that you can do the fitness and weightloss in time too, one thing at a time, you know probably have read and know all the answers, healthy snacks, exercise blah blah blah.....but it's Christmas!! So enjoy not smoking and congratulate yourself on doing so well.

Fortunately haven't had the constipation, but me and many of the buddies on here have had dreadful smelly wind lol so be thankful for small mercies :D

Keep positive



Thank you for your kind words :) Yeah, I know what to do I just thought i'd vent it out over here or it will get me down if you get me. Went out on a run about 30 mins ago and feeling a lot better, you can see the stats here


You vent away, seriously this forum has the most amazing understanding bunch of people I've ever met even if "cyber" friends they truly are great and have picked me up when I'm down.

Well done on going for the run......I've yet to pick up the exercise challenge, going to try to focus on that in the New Year.

Keep us posted on how you are doing :)



Hiya Robin,

Well done on your quit - You're doing awesome!!!

I'll second what Sara said - they guys here are awesome and I think they are so understanding, because we've all been through, and are going through, the same tihing together - we're in this together...

I've not had the smelly wind or other bowel issues, which I understood came as a package with this beginning of this adventure, but never knew whether to broach the subject or not, lol... Timings are a different matter though... When I used to smoke (notice the past tense) I would go at 730am regularly - now it is as and when... But that's probably a little too much detail, I guess its a little different for each of us...

I get what you mean about the weight gain... That is something I've been conscious of and worried about... Like Sara I weas planning on starting the gym adn a steady exercise routing in the New year, but my new trainers came this week and I just got too excited so started this week and in the process ditched my patches... But like Sara said - one thing at a time - dont put too much pressure on yourself and relax - this journey we're all on is not a sprint... There are some things in life where we just need to slow down, take our time and enjoy the moment... Over time things will start to improve, you're eating and exercise patterns may change and everything will fall into place ;)

Best of luck and keep up the great work :)


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