No Smoking Day
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Passed that test!

It was my work Christmas meal/disco last night.

Didn't think it would be the huge test of will that it was.

I was driving, so wasn't drinking which I expect was a bloody good idea!

About half the people I work with are smokers, and they were up and down like yo-yos. It was quite amusing to watch them after every course, then about every 20-30 minutes after that.

But..... the naughty nicodemon was there with me sitting in my ear saying "go on, you know you want to be outside with them, it's so social, you're missing out, go on, just one".

I did go outside at one point in the evening as I would have been the only person left at our table, but I turned around and came back in as it was raining and freezing cold!!! Then sat and puffed on my inhalator!!

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Well Done Marie Must have been difficult for you, must admit I do my best to avoid situations like that. :D


REALLY well done Claire said I've been avoiding situations like that. I'll be missing the german market and xmas do this year :(

I know some (including Allen Car) say not avoid going down the pub etc but I've had so many quits fail in social situations/when beer is involved I want to give it a miss until I'm feeling stronger.

So this is a massive achievement and I KNOW I couldn't have stayed smokefree.

Big thumbs up :)

Lisa x


Well done Marie :D

These social evenings can be real testers and of course there's always tons going on at this time of the year.

For me, it's not the disappearing for a fag but I can smell them before they've actually sat back down in their seat and can't believe I also smelt like an ashtray. :eek:

I bet you felt a great sense of achievement when you got home last night. I don't think there's a feeling quite like it to be honest. :D




Well done for not giving in, sounds like a tough evening. I had an xmas do and as both the people I was sat with smoked I did end up sitting on my own quite a lot. I wasn't tempted myself but I was quite annoyed (intolerant ex smoker!!!).

I've a bit longer quit than you so be assured you will get to the point where it definitely won't trigger any wanting to smoke reactions. Quite the reverse, it made me think again what a horrible addiction it really is. I think my drinks tastes nicer now too :D I'm with Allen Carr in not avoiding situations because you need to re train your brain not to associate them with smoking to remove the trigger. Maybe wisest to stick to non alcoholic drinks for a bit though ;)


Well done Marie and Jo for dealing with the party challenge. That should increase your confidence!

I went to one last weekend, and didn't drink because I was driving. Not only did I spend the whole night noticing how much the smokers smell, I was also very aware of the smell of alcohol on people as well. :confused: Mother Earth, at this rate I will have to live in a bubble. :eek:


well done marie well proud of u this will re-inforce future situations and give u a massive positive and things will get easier and easier the more triggers you break



Well done Marie - such a great sense of achievment isnt' it. The first time is the worst I found, as you're just not sure how it is going to be.

I wouldn't avoid such situations - you need to get used to being out so******ing and not smoking. Eventually - you won't even think about smoking. I find that I don't even think about the 'not-smoking' bit of an evening out anymore. The more you do it - the easier it becomes.




Hats off to you Marie - it's always good to hear that we CAN cope in those situations we worry about...

Thanks for sharing - Sue


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