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11 days in...Somoene pass the Redbull!

Hey all

How's things? Hope everyone is hanging in there!! I'm still going strong but dear God, this lethargy is getting to me. Feel like I'm wading through treacle and my brain is made of cotton wool!!

Any advice to help with it? Everything is such hard work as I have to think about how to do the most simple task!

Today's goal: No sleep till bedtime!


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I agree with TG, IMHO your body is starting to repair itself and best thing to help recuperation is rest, don't worry, you will start feeling a lot better soon ;)


Thanks guys and girls. I feel like a bit of a zombie tbh! LOL

I have been going to the gym since I stopped smoking and that gives me energy whilst I'm there... then afterwards I'm trying my best to keep my eyes open! LOL

On the way to London at the mo to do a presentation to a company... they are are going to think I am a right dumb idiot hahaaahahah!!


You really are doing fantastically well Mrs F, and deserve all sorts of lovely things. I hope you intend to treat yourself appropriately when you complete your second week? :D

The lethargy will pass. I agree with the others- just go with the flow as much as you possibly can. Your body needs the rest at the moment and your energy will return. I am sure your presentation went very well and that no-one noticed you were asleep ;)

Many, many congratulations from me. :)


Hiya, can totally relate just over a month for me and still feel dog tired, having recently done a 3 month quit though I know towards the end of tht I was feeling a bit more energetic, as the others have said just go with it and be lazy if you want to, we are allowed.... We are quitting smoking one of the hardest things to maintain! :) :) xxx


Aww thanks you guys! It really does suck though lol! I toughed it out until now for bed hahha

You are all amazing xxx


Good news: you've now been quit for more than ONE MILLION seconds...



Oooh, that's pretty cool Steve! :) Thanks!


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