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Just checking in 18days today

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well in your quit as I am, lost my temper this morning with my OH, but I never gave in to a fag thats because i never even gave it a thought. Been out today with OH got a few xmas decs for the tree and we went for a Mcdonalds and I ate like a horse so to speak. hahaha.

Anyway thought I would just let you all know I am doing well.:)


Quit: 14/11/11

Proud member of the November N.O.P.E group.

Live long & prosper.

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Well done Fleetwood

You are proving to yourself at every hurdle that you dont need or want the weed anymore.

Keep it up you are fighting a good fight.

Lillie xoxoxox


Many thanks Lille, hope your quit is going good to. :)


Quit: 14/11/11:D


went for a Mcdonalds and I ate like a horse

Went to McDonalds and ate a horse :eek:

Fixed that for you!!!

Keep up the good work!!! Up the Fleet!!!


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