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No Smoking Day
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Day 28 - Moving to month 2 tomoz

Yeehah...only just made it and after yesterday I'll be just scraping through by the skin of my teeth into month 2 but I'll be in that room sipping a beer, so there :p.

Thanks to everyone for their support yesterday, seems like I went a bit mental, mental, chicken oriental. My advice for those on the edge would be if you can - go to bed.....and post on here! Thanks again everyone. It's amazing the difference a day makes but I'm not so much on edge...(was it just my mind getting myself all worked up to justify having a fag. Very devious of me if so)! Anyway well done to everyone surviving another day.

Lisa x

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Yeehah indeedy Lisa yaaaay :D:D

So well done you, and congrats on moving to Month 2 tomorrow, I am so happy for you :cool:

And glad you survived the 'wobble' yesterday, that was a bad one. Strange though, I always had my worst wobbles when I was reaching a milestone, and wonder if there is any significance to that?? Just a thought, but the important thing is YOU DID IT :p

Keep going gal, I still see you as a BIG GUN!!


Zoe xxxx


Well done Lisa. .:D

Next big goal for you is the month 3 room which must come about xmas time so you are due a massive celebration then....cos SANTA will be coming too...:)

Glad your feeling more upbeat...



I knew you could do it well done Lisa you better be as proud if not prouder of yourself than we are of you after yest!!!!

shame i missed you as i left room 2 today but i kept my seat warm for you ;)

never quit quitting

jenni x


Hey Lisa - we are all waiting in mth 2 room. I shall welcome you by singing my karioke version of Funky Moped by Jasper Carrot in my best W Mids accent.

"The Lights were groovy colours

The band was playin' slow

We danced just one dance together

etc etc


singing my karioke version of Funky Moped by Jasper Carrot

I will recite the B side of that record - 'The Magic Roundabout'....booooiiiinnng "hello florence" said zebedee... "fcuk off zebedee" said florence....... :eek:

Welcome to month 2...best behavior please :D


Jasper bloody Carrott...if there should be one less brummy in the world then he'd be that brummy LOL!

I just don't find him funny (and that link proves it!). I wonder what he's doing now???

Thanks for being there peoples, appreciate it. Yeah, pretty proud of myself for quitting for a month :cool:

Let's not celebrate it tomorrow with another Jasper Carott link...oh gawd I've said it now!


Fantastic and well done you:D


Lisa yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy , Well Done

You are doing brilliant :D


Well done Lisa and thats the best place to be bed when you have a wobble. I also like Jasper Carrot i used to watch all his shows sooooo funny. Anyway CONGRATULATIONS. jacqui proud Member of The November N.O.P.E group. Live long and prosper. Quit : 14.11.1.


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