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One month Tomoz yeeeee haaaaaaaa



afternoon fellow bloggers hope everyone is well .:rolleyes:

just updating eveyone on my quit .

as of 11 pm tommorow night i would of been smoke 3 for 1 whole month .

the last few days have been a right ball ache though .

started having a few cravings again for some reason .

i think it is due to the fact i have a works confrence tomoz which means free beer all night , and i usually smoke about 20 cigs in that space :mad:.

hope you all have a good weekend

much love gaz :D

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done you,

Its great to be counting in months!

you are doing good,weather you smoke or not the crave will go,you keep the faith tony

Well done on the month enjoy the beer and forget the smokes, Have fun.:)

Good job on reaching a month Gaz, don't let your guard drop when you have them beers, it's too easy mate haha. Good luck, and enjoy.


Well done on reaching the month mile stone, i have to wait until saturday :(

You have done great hun, just be careful tomorrow night, dont let your guard down.



Well done mate, I'm now starting to think forward to situations that I'll be tempted, in a way it must be a good thing as it means we have come to terms with the daily regime of an ex smoker.

Keep going you are doing really well

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