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day 81


Since 30 Dec 2014:

80 days smoke free,

807 down,

£355.08 and 3d, 08:43 saved!

Time is really starting to fly by, and this new life that I have started, this one without cigarettes; is a really exciting one.

Reading half marathon tomorrow, keeping myself busy constantly. I would have never been able to do tjis if I was still smoking, the opportunities definitely open up to you if you don't smoke, all for the better

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81 days is fantastic! Really like hearing that time is flying for you now. Congratulations and all the best for your half marathon. I am on 24 days and can see it getting a bit better, hope I can also offer some similar encouragement to others in time. Thanks x

Congratulations well done be proud of your quit

Congratulations to you. A fine achievement, and an inspiration

Thanks all. Each time I look back at what I have achieved so far spurs me on to go even stronger in the future. We are as good as we make ourselves, and are all able to accomplish whatever we set our minds on, if we want it enough.

And tomorrow I will finish the half marathon, no matter what!

....and there am i thinking aboout jogger's nipple, good luck for tomorrow! x

Joggers nipple... I hope not!

Good Luck with the half, pace yourself early doors my tip of the day, which I always ignore ☺

Congratulations and inspirational for those of us coming through.

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Brilliant, StartingLife :) and Happy Running tomorrow x

Thanks all, I will make you proud. There is still time to donate if you like, anything is a help.

Well done on 81 days, and extra well done for the Marathon, :)

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