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Don't be put off

Hi all,

I have been quit nearly four years now and its the best move I ever did.

I probably would not have succeeded without the support of active members of this site.But what did scare me when I first started my quit was the amount of long term quitters who would say they would kill for a smoke months down the line,I used to find it disheartening when I read stuff like that,

Can I just try and reassure you that these people don't crave a cig.

What they have done is actually forgot what a craving is actually like.

All they are doing is having a brief flashback to something that they enjoyed in the past.

For a non smoker it could be similar to remembering the taste of a chocolate bar they had not tasted in a long time.

Hang on in there and believe me its going to be well worth it

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Feeling Re-assured.....

Thanks that makes me feel better, i have only just ventured into month 4 and I feel positive and quite proud to have reached this far as I smoked 20 / 30 cigs a day for about 40 years :mad:

I had a few really bad days in month three and must admit felt scared and thought if this is what its going to be like, i'm not sure I will always cope.....

So, thanks for the encouragement, I'm feeling ready to carry on with a positive outlook that it can only get better !!!!!


Phil that is great to hear.

I sometimes look at posts from long term quitters and wonder if they are still posting 'cos they need the support still or if it they're trying to encourage the rest of us.

I do hope it's the latter



Thanks for the reassurance Phil. Its good to know it won't always be the same:)


Hi phil and so many thanks for your post,

But what did scare me when I first started my quit was the amount of long term quitters who would say they would kill for a smoke months down the line,I used to find it disheartening when I read stuff like that

I agree, and reading posts like that did contribute a lot to my 'is it really worth it' thoughts, and scared me.

But posts like yours make me feel great:D:cool: so thanks for taking the time and effort to support us newbies.

4 years is Nobel Prize winning to me, and such an inspiration, so thank you so much:)

All the best,

Zoe xx


Thanks for that post Phil, it's probably the most common question we all ask ourselves now.

I said recently during one of my 'tants' that if it were true that the cravings never go away, then I knew I would not stay quit in the long term. It's reassuring to know that it does go away. Some ex smokers say they never think about fags, and others say the wanting feeling never goes. I suppose like many things it's down to the individual. I'm relying on the fact that I lose interest in most habits eventually :D I hope I don't have the long term stamina to keep obsessing about cigs.



What a ****ing crock. Just about brought me to my knees anyway as I am to be homeless soon. Going out for fags now and **** the lot of you.

Zoe xxxx



I get that you're having a bad day/evening, but think that was a bit harsh.

Nobody directed anything at you personally, so why **** the lot of you?

I really hope that going out has helped you to calm down a little - I honestly know how it feels when you are going up the wall for a ciggie, everything closing in on you and looking for that one excuse to just go and have one.

Unfortunately it rarely actually makes us feel better in the long term.

Hope you feel better soon.




Hi Phil

Looooong time no speak.

I agree that when a long term quitter says crave them mean fancy, want or its just a nostalgic feeling.

Personally I get those from time to time, but I also get them for things like wagon wheels and refreshers.

IMHO Whether, its hard to resist depends a lot on whether you feel like you are denying yourself a great pleasure. If you can get away from the idea that smoking is a treat then dismissing nostalgic wants is a breeze.


Hi Nick

Do you remember the time when we first quit days seemed like weeks now I'm thinking how the last four years have flown by.

Glad to see you also made it but I never doubted that you would.

Nor did I! And therein lies part of the challenge. Learning to believe in ones ability to actually do it is part of the battle.

You, me, Austin, TKDJohn, Stu and so on had plenty of self belief and I think that made it easier for us.

However, we all prove that its doable and the old adage if we can they can is still true.

Oh and as for remembering what it was like in the early days....No not really I've forgotten what it was like to crave. I just know that I don't ever want to go through it again.


Great post Phil - thank you. And Karri - I couldn't agree more.



Thank you Phil, This is just what I needed to read :D

Thought I'd just give this a bump.

Hope everyone is staying strong in their quits.

Love May x


Good to hear at day 4 CT Phil, thanks for checking back and well done for conquering the addiction.



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