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Day 9 and all is well

Hi all, just to report in on day 9 and say all is well, I can't say I have really craved today, if have it was very short lived.

I am going to open a saving account on monday and deposit what I am saving in not smoking, if I don't do that the money will only go in the housekeeping. just want to be able to see it mounting up instead of it going up in smoke. love to everyone Joan xx

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well done Joan. A savings account full of your 'quit' money is a brilliant idea. As you say, otherwise it gets eaten up in day to day living. Heres to watching it grow & grow so you can treat yourself after your hard work ;)

Gaynor x


Thank you Karri, doing my very best to get it right this time, and fingers crossed doing ok so far. Joan xxx


Karri I have failed so many times, to numerous to mention, now I am fed up with trying and failing and letting my self and my family down. I just hope and pray this is my time. And your time will come when you are ready, just don't leave it as long as I have. Joan xxx


Thank,s Hun Joan xx


Yay - well done Joan, I was wondering how you were getting on :)


Hi Joan,

i feel just like you fed up trying to give up and determined to do it this time, I have got to day 8 and although have woken up with a sore throat, I have actually had more energy and less cravings, lets just hope we can keep it up this is the first time I have packed in using a forum and I do feel that it is actually helping, i have also registered with activestop and they send me little texts of a morning which I have found really helpful and my son likes to read with me, or checking on me ha

Takecare and keep going Andrea x


Hi Andrea, well done your into week 2 now.

We will both have to make this the last time we have to go though this.

It is getting a bit easier now for me, I am coping quite well with the odd crave,. I think my worst time is in the morning, I get better as the day goes on. So well hun , keep it up. Joan xxx


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