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No Smoking Day
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My new normal

Hi All - a really interesting experience today.

I'm self employed, and haven't done a whole load of work for the last few months (my OH calls me a professional quitter....). I decided that it is time to rejoin the real world, so today found myself in a meeting regarding a potential assignment. (A bit like a job interview, but with wings...)

This is the first time I have done one of these since I quit. The first thing that I noticed was how I didn't have to "panic smoke" before I went in. You know when you have three on the trot in the hope of somehow "topping up your nictoine reserves" to get you through the next few hours? Linked to this, of course, was not having to find the loo to try and wash the smell off before I announced my arrival.

This was all good stuff, but pretty much as expected. What really surprised me was how much more relaxed I was during the presentation and Q&A session. Usually, after the first 45 minutes, I would start to get a bit jumpy and distracted as I started to withdraw. This time, I was completely focussed and tuned in for the whole two hours, which really was a new experience! Fantastic!

And I have got the contract, so that's me kept busy for the next few months!

Oh, and it is 100 days today - not one puff!

Good to see so many of you newbies joining us - this really is worthwhile. :)

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Thanks Una.

And talking of inspirational, don't you have a certain stonking great milestone on the horizon as well?!!!!


well done mrs t

absolutely know wat u mean about concentration and staying focused it a good feeling

i am going to college in january and thing the extra concentration will come in handy

congrats on 100 days hehe we are so bloody good aint we


hehe we are so bloody good aint we

We really are, Boo. We really are! :D

Great that you are going back to college. It's really inspired me how many people have used quitting as a springboard for other life changes. I think it gives you a new kind of confidence in a way.


Firstly, huge congrats on 100 days!!! Whoop!!

Your panic smoke observation is so true, I travel alot with work and hated the airports!!! From now on, this will not be a problem!!!


It's daft when you think about it - like some sort of mad fuel tank. I always knew that it didn't really work like that, but it never stopped me trying!

Anyway, that's a thing of the past now. And well done on getting day three out of the way - that was by far the worst one for me.


Oh I just have to say these posts are so inspirational for those of us who are about to quit - thank you so much for sharing some positive experiences and results. I'll be smoking my last cigarette tomorrow, and I'm expecting/prepared (I hope!) for a rocky ride, especially at first, but posts like these help to focus my mind and strengthen my resolve. I will get there too.... I hope! Big thanks to you all.



Eat yer heart out Guy Fawkes

Hey Sue - there is something brilliantly ironic about giving up setting fire to things on Nov 5th!

I'll be thinking of you on Saturday, I know you will be fine



Hi Mrs T (or should I call you SIR now you are up there in the Month 4&5 room:p;))

I can relate to the panic smoking, I used to smoke until I made myself feel sick before going into situations where I wouldn't be able to smoke for a long time, like work or long journeys, and STILL feel like smoking an hour later:rolleyes: I remember after one particularly long coach journey I got off and lit TWO cigarettes at once and had one in each hand, how mad is that?? Erm, balanced diet I suppose?? And at my mum's house outside the back door before I went to bed at night, often in the pouring rain. Problem with that one was I had to stand right up close to the door with my elbows firmly tucked in cos one false move and I would set the security lights off and floodlight the garden at 1am - whoops, rumbled:eek: Oh what a hassle it was.

100 days is fabulous, now that you have scored your first century you can play cricket for England hee hee!

And congrats on the contract, you really, really deserve it.

Zoe xx


Well done on your hundred days Mrs T. Quite an achievement ;)

I guess most of us (ex) smokers will have done the chain smoking bit when you know you can't have one for a while. That silly notion that it will keep you going longer but often just made you feel sick :rolleyes:

Congratulations on getting the contract, brilliant.

I am looking forward to the feeling more relaxed and calm, day 4 for me so not quite got that back yet. Another positive to look forward to :D

Gaynor x


It's amazing how the scenario's which previously were agony such as meetings, days out and functions are now the times when I least think about or want to smoke. It really is when the sense of freedom becomes most apparant.

Well done Mrs T, it must have been really liberating for you to get through that meeting so calmly and secure the contract, here's to many more days of freedom for us all :D




Well Done Mrs T on your 100 days and contract.

You're doing very well.Yes, having two or three cigs on the trot....I remember.....and really they meant for nothing....an ILLUSION.

Kindest Regards



I can definitely relate to panic smoking and total dislike to airport arrival sections (I've been on a plane for n hours, those silly transport buses for 15 mins, passport control for 15mins, baggage reclaim for another half hour...aaaarrrgghhhh!!!!). Holiday destinations were always determined by flight time (and money to an extent)...can't wait to plan a long haul flight!!!


Excellent getting your 100 days milestone, Mrs T :)

It's really inspired me how many people have used quitting as a springboard for other life changes. I think it gives you a new kind of confidence in a way.

The incidence of this is more the norm than an exception. In doggedly pursuing smoke freedom one seems to develop a whole new talent of achieving long-term goals.

Other than that, the health benefits of stopping can and does lead us to build in other healthy habits. For instance, many long termers have taken up running/jogging.

Congrats again on your 100...as well as the new job/contract.



Thank you all for your encouragement. :)

And it's kind of reassuring to know that I wasn't the only one who used to try to top up their nicotine in advance :o

It's really strange to go through this process of slowly peeling back all these old junkie delusions that we have lived with for so many years.


Congratulations Mrs T on the contract and 100 days...Wow, that must feel good.

I think we all love to hear about the "normality" of not smoking, that's what we're all aiming for.



Well done reaching 100 days MrsT

Your such an inspiratian :D The freedom not needing to smoke is amazing. You rock :p


Well done Mrs T

100 days is a fantastic achievement.




well done on getting the contract i was the same with the smoking 2 or 3 on the trot if i knew i couldnt have one for a certain time period and how obsessed i was with watching the clock and counting down the mins till i could have another fix :eek:

now i wonder at the madness of it all and what induced me to act that way :confused:

im sure there is something in the tobacca to make you think thats normal to crave it like you do and to act like thats a very normal act scary but very true


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