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14 Months...this is definitely my new normal


Hi guys

So great to see a flurry of activity with loads of us going into the Penthouse.

I haven't been on that much - but it struck me that today I'm now 14 months quit. 2 months over my 1 year. What a difference to the 2 months this time last year when I just started - I thought they'd never end and nothing would be the same. And in a way its not - its SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!

Just wanted to say that really - I feel fantastic and its definitely the best (and hardest) thing I've ever done.

To anyone having difficulties or thinking it won't get better. Stick with it - it really does.


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That's great to hear AG :).

I'm miles behind you and hanging in there, but it's very encouraging to hear year-plussers come back saying how it's worth all the anguish in the early days.


Hi AG,

Thanks for this post, it means a lot. Am about to hit 2 months and I feel better than at the start but I'm not quite sure I can do it sometimes still.

It's good to know the doubt isn't always there and its great to see you so happy with your quit :)

Hi there..


What an achievement blooming brilliant well done :D

Snowie xx

I am not sure if you are saying you forgot your 12 months milestone, I really hope you did because that gives me to believe that you felt that good that you tottally forgot it, congratulations 14 months is a cracking quit.


14 months is a fabulous acheivement!!

It is great being past the year.....it just feels normal now.lol

always that month ahead AG......way to go....

Enjoy the freedom....xx

Really glad you made it, got your year done and are now seeing what i've been enjoying here too... that relaxed feeling is great :)

14 months :).. amazing how quick time starts to fly once you hit the 1 year .. but i figure this is as good a place as any to remind you of a post you made just a teeny bit over the 12 months ago: (see the difference between then .. and now.. amazing!)

Well done you!! enjoy your new life.. you've truly earned it! :)


Well it certainly has been an odd week. Perhaps its part of the dreaded 3s (as I'm now in my 3rd month).

Monday and Tuesday - felt absolute cr*p! Could not get out of bed - and was all feverish and shivery - am now sure it was a flu like thingy (as you can see I'm no doctor!). Really got me down. And of course my shoulder is still mending (infact growing new bone so I'm told) - so my body is working a bit of overtime at the moment. But during this time I hardly thought about smoking or fags at all. So that was good.

Wednesday - felt a bit better (but still a bit tired) and made it into work - was pretty useless tho I must say. Still no real smoking thoughts.

Thursday - felt much better - so what did I think about all day - having a fag!! Madness!! Everything I did - cup of tea, have a bath, sit in front of the tv - my first thought was - "I feel like a fag". They were more feelings of something lost - rather than a full on sofa-gnawing-I'm-gonna-kill-you craving - and they passed. But it was odd.

Today - am in work - and better still. Not thinking about them so much - and work has been great today. But have got a sort of hollow feeling at the back of my throat sometimes - like I want a good drag of a fag to get that burning feeling.

I won't of course - and will wait for this to pass.

Rome wasn't built in a day - and I smoked nearly 30 years - so its a hell of a change for a body and mind to go through.

10 weeks monday! Here I come.

Guys - as always thansk for the messages. Its this kind of support that got me through.

Jase - so great to see you again. I remember that message - probably those two days in bed may have been my all time low of quitting. Honestly - I am a different person form back then. Reading it brought back a lot of memories - a lot of really bad ones. But it also reminded me of how brilliant you and the forum were in helping me quit. God - and I'm glad I did.

Keep on quitting folks! Its the coolest thing to do!!

Great post AG, lovely to hear from you, I read some of my early posts the other day, glad I got through that bit.

Stay strong

Dee :)

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