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Day 3 and feeling good!


i have been reading all the lovely comments on this forum and it has really helped over the past 3 days. My first full day not smoking was 31st oct 2011 so I am now well into my third day and I am feeling full of motivation (at the minute!!) and very determined to succeed in this. i am 30 and have smoked since i was 14 and could feel my health beginning to suffer and a wheeze when lying in bed at night so decided to go for it. Plus that advert campaign on COPD on tv at the minute really made me uncomfortable and made me think why am i doing this to myself, and paying for the priviledge?!?

well done to you all who are suceeding at giving up smoking, keep up the good work

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Way to go Lauz!! Day 3 is supposed to be a mare but sounds like your on your way to conquering it!!! :-)

Remember - we are in this together!



Thanks Chris! Feeling a bit wound up today but keep reminding myself its going to be worth it! X


Well done you!

I am just into day three too. 31 and started smoking at 14. Going cold turkey, which i've read in so mnay places is the quickest and easiest. So far so good!

I've had a few huge cravings but the biggest shocker is how clever your brain is trying to get you to go to the shops and buy them. It's so weird fighting the nicotine demon....oh go on, just on and then you can quit again, oh go on, just have a couple a day. . . . I'm actually enjoying telling it to F off!

Just gotta keep it up now.

Well done us! Keep going, believe me if I can do this anyone can. :)

x :)


Thank you

Hi, Thanks for that last message, feeling all over the place and very irritable tonight so logged on and nice to know im not the only one whose brain keeps trying to rationalise that i have done so well to make it to day 4 that i deserve just one! Madness but very annoying feeling like your thinking of it all the time and trying to remind yourself to keep strong, talk about inner turmoil!!! This has definitely been the worse day so far so fingers crossed tomorrow will be better. :)

laura X


Well done to you Laura.

It will get easier. You have just got through the worst 3 days. One ciggie will put you back to square one again and from experience it is so NOT worth it.

Get through each hour and one by one it will turn into another day.

Congratulate yourself for doing so well - you're worth it :D

Gaynor x


Lauz you are doing great, just keep repeating I will not smoke today...worth a try as it helps me alot.

I know what you mean about the TV ad, i alway ignored them or pretended I didnt care but on the day I quit there was one about old bloke (age 70) with lung cancer and how it affected the family.

For some reason I had to watch it and it helped, maybe because my parents are 70 this year and healthy and I want to get there as well and be healthy enough to live for many more years.


Big well done Lauz...Stick with it...i can't believe I was blinkered for so long. XX


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