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50 Days - soon

Hi Team,

Been enjoying reading all the posts, and the overwhelming positive vibes, as well as the need to continue vigilance, even at this point.

I'm sitting in the lounge at LAX looking forward to my flight home. I am very proud in my heart, knowing that once I land it will be day 50, and not a single puff since 9th September. It has been a pleasure being over in the USA and being reminded about how non-smoker friendly it is - this time I have not felt victimised!

Thanks to everyone on this forum, and my friends in "outside" life who have been supportive.

Take care,


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50 days- something of a milestone.

Kind Regards.




50 days too here at 4pm today! Great going Bafan! Just think. A 12 hour plus flight and no panicking about how to cope without smoking through it!

Brilliant effort!!


This pic from this month has inspired me!

The amount of energy I had left after 2 hours to even lift my arms, let alone smile was a massive wakeup call for me. That's some improvement!!


Really well done to both of you. 50 days is worthy of a celebration!


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