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Day 3 - struggling

Arghh, it's not been long since my last post and already that "only way is up" feeling is subsiding. Honestly, I feel like a schizo, positive one minute, depressed the next.

It just feels like I've barfed up half a lung from coughing up a load of crap...absolutely gross. It doesn't help that I'm not at work as I haven't got any distractions. I shall get back to cleaning the house, I will have a sparkly clean home in no time.

I'm gonna write down the reasons why I want to quit, so I can keep looking and get me through the times when the nico-demon is firmly attached to my shoulder whispering sweet words to convince me to have a ciggie.

1). Health - no more bronchitis, coughing, wheezing, spluttering, bringing up green shit like slimer from ghostbusters. Risk of lung cancer, heart attack, emphysema and COPD decreases.

2). I'll live longer - yes a lot longer, my son will have to put up with me for ages (and have to deal with me when I'm old smelling of pee, worthers original, Tweed and mothballs).

3). Appearance - no dirty ashtray smell clinging to my hair, clothes and breath. No yellow teeth (I'm gonna treat myself to teeth whitening at 6 months quit). Hopefully I won't look so "grey" (this is a weird one as I think I look really ashen and pasty is this due to the fags????). My hair and skin will improve (hopefully my eczema and dry skin may get better). Oh and I hope my wrinkles improve.

4). My lungs will be pink and not black...seriously have you seen those pictures, f**king disgusting.

5). Being able to smell and taste better. I can enjoy food again rather than going through the motions and eating because I'm hungry.

6). No yellow, carpet tongue in the mornings (ewwwwww). Oh and I can cuddle my son and not be thinking "I must smell repulsive" every time I do.

7). Have more energy, this is a biggie as I always feel tired, always!

8). Oh and I'm looking forward to this one, better sex. Apparently this is down to improved bloodflow...ahem.

Well that's it....just writing things down on here has put things in perspective. What does smoking do for you anyway but chain you to a smelly, disgusting, life shortening habit...oh to be free. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Hi Lisa

Most people say that day three is the worst one of all, so no surprises that you are feeling a bit unstable! You have some really important and positive reasons for quitting, though, and I think it's a great idea to have them written down to give you motivation when you need it. I'm sure that you have read a lot of the other threads relating to the first few days of withdrawal - there is masses of good advice on here to help you.

Bottom line is that if you can tough this next couple of day out, then it will start to calm down and become more manageable for you. Keep posting - at the very least we can share your ups and downs with you!

Good luck.


Oh my god i too used to have a yellow shagpile carpet on my tongue , i thought i had a strange incurable illness, its gone now.:cool: yor reasons for quitting are enough to put anybody off smoking for good so if you ever think smoking is cool just remember the yellow carpet.

and yes bloodflow does get better for guys as well its a very under-rated reason to quit. and will put viagra out of business...



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