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A very big reward

28 days smoke free and still feeling great! I managed to get a really good deal yesterday, I exchanged my Mac computer for a bran new Mac 21inch I only had to add £50 a month for 8 months and that's with 3 years applecare so that was my big reward for doing a month well almost Lol. I was spending £170 a month on cigarettes so that still leaves me £120 a month to spoil myself over the next 8 months then its back to £170 a month and I get to keep my legs.

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Well done Viv! :)

That's a lot of (well-deserved) spoiling to be had. Enjoy yourself, and your healthier life!


Excellent idea to treat if you need any help spending the £120 a month you have left then feel free to let me know ;)



Awsome treat, BUT the amazing thing to me, is keeping your feet.

Well done and keep it up mate!


Well done Viv

Seems like only yesterday since your first post, and now you have your first four weeks under your belt!

And I agree with Gary. New computer great. Keeping your legs - priceless.


I read your posts at the start of my quit Viv and you inspired me.

Well done for getting to day must be very proud.

Enjoy your new computer (I was going to say pc!!!)

AND your health.



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