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Its all going Potty

Ok nearly 3 wks. had fallouts withseveral people i love. have found it so easy so far . have lost track of a post i wrote earlier and now im not so sure i even wrote it. feeling flat. depressed and dont know what to do with myself sick of going for walks had one earlier and was almost run over on the pavement by a weird looking woman with a fag hanging out of her gob all i could do was stare at her ridiculous looking mouth and cigarette. she was obviously on a different planet to mei couldnt say anything to her, i was just expecting an apoogy. since then i cant concentrate on anything ,even went to bed but got bored . i think my brain is not what it used to be its so used to having nicotine. its odd them posts have gone AWOL. i hope thes feelings pass soon they are just weird. POtty is all i can say to describe it all.

Mash x

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Be patient with the poor brain, Mash - this is par for the course at this stage. Just hang on in there, because you are doing really well. Have you read up on the Terrible Three's?

Good luck.


Hi Mash,

Stick with it...I know you will because you've been so strong and determined.

That empty flat feeling is weird, but it will go away.

Take care



HIya Mash

These feeling really do go away, you will probably wake up in the morning and wonder where they have gone. Stick with it you have done so very very well.

Lillie x


im feeling much better now its the 3 week thing and having to do life on lifes terms rather than with a cigarette. its weird to think smokers do everything with a cigarette, maybe we relapse because we need a cigarette to help us quit.. nnno im not going there, its too insane. its true though, its the hardest thing iv ever done and im doing it without a smoke.. thats pretty brilliant really




Eat a good breakfast and hang in there. I was lightheaded and messed up for 3 weeks but i went cold turkey. I got it out of my system faster i think but tougher.


glad u reminded me pf the breakfast thing, got to keep my strength up,poached eggs today with toast and gallons of tea.


Your doing really well Mash so glad you didn't give in you know it will pass.

Maria. x


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