No Smoking Day
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today was going so well helpppppppp

am having an awful afternoon, i dont want to smoke or anything i am just in a really horrible mood that came out of no where, but must admit it was when kids came out from school,i dont no what to do as what i would normally do i dont want to do because i choose not to,so why on earth do i feel like this if i have chose not to do what i would have lol...... sorry that probly sounds nuts

i have not used my as i call it puffer ( inhallete) for days but even ended up using that, but its not like im having a craving or anything its weird, im not even down, but i just feel like screaming at everyone, any advice would be grately appreciated xxxxxxxxx

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Its ok,

I feel just the way you do a little too often than I would like. I dont know if it will work for you, but sometines I just step out side and take a couple of minutes to just take deep breaths. I have a 3, 5 and 8 year old and sometimes it can get a little crazy. And sometimes when I feel like creaming i go to a room, ALONE, shut the door and just let out a good SCREAM.... I know sounds a bit nuts but it helps. Oh and its funny how the children get quiet and they are staring at me when I come out the bedroom. I reassure them that mommy is fine and they go on playing. Hope this helps you... Its only 10:51 am here so I have a long day ahead of me. Good Luck!!:D


Punch bag?

Get yourself a puch bag and let all that frustration out - failing that a pillow will do. Beat it up real good and then when you can't beat it up no more.... smile!

Another day done.... stick with it


lol if i start shutting myself away and start screaming im quite sure the men in white coats would surly be called......... lol

i have a 6 yr old 7 yr old 9 yr old and a 12 yr old oh and not forgetting the 40 year old lol.

but i will not smoke as it wont change anything anyway, ho hum xx

so pleased i have not got to start today again lol good luck zanado i see we were a day apart with the quit day


ummmm punch bag

very tempting that one lolololololol i shall go make all the beds and beat hell out of the pillows


thats funny

Im not sure which date to call my quit date? I had my last cig on the 12th so I put that i quit on the 13th being that was the first day of not smoking?? :confused: What do you think. lol. I feel a little off...


Hi Mary and Zanadoo :)

The way you're both feeling right now is normal I promise it will pass though and I hope you both feel better tomorrow


Hey Mary,

Those feeling come with withdrawal and a loss of habit/smoking that we did for so long.

Find some good links to read form members signatures. Some of these will help you understand whats happening to your body now your in the early days of quitting. Understanding and knowledge really is power and also read ahead in peoples quits to get an idea of what to expect and reinforce your belief that it's possible to get through this with yourself and your family intact:)

Watch your diet too. Blood sugars dropping will have a marked effect on your well being :)

Keep strong, hang in there and read loads and yes, a few mins away with some deep breaths will help. Take some fruit too :)


i quit on the 11th feb well thats when i stuck my first patch on i had my last cig on the 10th at 10.30 that evening. so zanado whichever suits you like we were both the next morning we went from not from when that last cig got put out but the next morning


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