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Day 8 of Champix and Day 1 of quitting?


Just stumbled across this forum - what a find.

My wife and I have both been on Champix for the last 8 days, so we're now up to full dosage. This is after several failed attempts at giving up.

We both smoke 20 a day and have done for a good 20 years. For the sake of our daughter, our health and our wallets, we decided to give Champix a go.

The side effects have been really mild - very slight nausea for 5 minutes after taking the tablets in the morning (no problems in the evening) - more like a feeling of strong 'butterflies' in the stomach than actually feeling sick.

We have set tomorrow as our quit date. I think I was expecting the pills to be a complete cure-all. Pretty naive, really. All I can say is that for the last 3-4 days, the enjoyment of smoking has been less and less. It's more the habit of going outside and sparking up that has meant us continuing with our ritual/habit. There has not been any real sense of enjoyment when smoking.

I think (foolishly) the drug would just work like a tap, and completely switch off any desire to smoke. Who knows, it may well do.

The thing is that I have had 3 cigarettes today. By now, on a Saturday, I would have had 6, maybe more. My wife had a cigarette earlier and it made her feel quite unwell.

So the time has come, I think, to just quit.

Smoking has done me no favours. I am embarrassed by the amount of money I have spent in an effort to shave 10 minutes off my life for each time I lit up. It's completely nonsensical.

So, somewhat tentatively, here goes.

I'm sure there will be times when I will want to give in, even with the help of Champix. I think I just need to keep it simple and remind myself that:

1. If I feel like lighting up, I've just identified a smoking "trigger" and I need to think of a way to overcome that; and (slightly more radically)

2. Remind myself that if I do put another cigarette in my mouth and light it, the reality is that I will continue to find reasons to smoke and that I will remain a smoker until the day it takes me.

I think one of my coping strategies will be to log in here and soak up the good vibes if I feel tempted.

Good luck to one and all!


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Hi Westie

Welcome to both you and Mrs Westie, and congrats on giving up on the old weed!!

You will find a lot of information here, and the best advice I can give you is to read, read, read and post as often as you need to.

There are loads of tips on dealing with cravings ect so "fill yer boots"...

Good luck and enjoy the journey!!!!:D

Hi Westie and (Mrs Westie)

Good on you both for making the decision to quit !

I'm on Champix, smoked 20+ per day for 25 years, never lasted more than 3 weeks with previous failed quits.

I've been fine on Champix, similar to you guys a little 'sicky feeling' sometimes after taking the pill also had a few passing stomach cramps when I actually stopped smoking ? nothing too bad and completely fine now.

Regarding craves, it was really strange for me, no effect until approx 10 days and then the same as you guys just started not to enjoy smoking as much ??

I didn't quit until approx day 20ish on the pills (late I know) but since quitting I've not really had any craves as such, just 'thoughts' of I fancy a fag ?

Really strange and difficult to explain but I haven't been crawling the walls like on previous failed quits.

So stick to it I'm sure you'll both be fine and think of all the money you will save if you BOTH stop !! :D

Morning Mr and Mrs Westie

Great decision.

Champix almost removed the physical cravings (for me) and now its certainly helping with the psychological stuff. There are triggers and bad days, but I've managed to get through them. (and it hasn't been too difficult so far!)

If you really want to do this, you will!

Just day at a time. And you may want a cigarette, but you don't need one.

This forum has helped me greatly, so you're right..keep posting and you will gets lots of support and advice


(Day 13 free, with the aid of Champix and this forum)

Well so far, so good.

A week's half term holiday for the three of us. All smoking paraphernalia has been removed from the house. The last 3 packs of unsmoked cigarettes are bagged up, ready to go to a new home of smokers, who we know will take good care of them for us.:D

I like the idea of having a cigarette, but the morning's nearly over, and I've not gone mad. Happy with that.

Off for a walk now. Will wonders never cease. LOL.

A & S

Quitting tomorrow!

Hello all, well I am on day 8 of Champix and tomorrow is my quit day :eek:. I have had no side effects so far and today is the first time when i 'cant be bothered' to go for a smoke, I have forced myself to go for a couple and they taste vile.

I am glad I have found this group as im sure I will need your helop and advice in the future! x

I did exactly this pattern i.e. 8 days then stop

I thought i would have no inclination to smoke but still do now and again. Like your good selves not really getting any side effects as of yet. I was a bit worries when i had my first Champix as i got a headache within an hour (i never get headaches ever). In hindishgt it was my first day back in the office after four days on leave and had consumed about 4 teas and coffees by 11am.

Keep on truckin!

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