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Day 11 Stressed and grumpy


One of my colleagues is stressing me out. Lovely guy, but difficult to work with. Today he was trying to explain something to me and a voice in my head was screaming..."get out and have a fag". Of course I didn't!!

It wasn't a smoke I needed, just a bit of space.

I need to learn to be able to walk away (without offending anyone!)

Hope all my fellow quitters are having a better day



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Hi Lizzie,

Sorry you've had a bit of stressful day, but well done for resisting (and correcting!) the voice in your head.

Jen x

Well done Lizzie, you are doing so well.

Lillie x


Lizzie your mind is gonna try all sorts of tricks to get you to smoke.

This is one less hurdle to overcome!

Well Done

Stay Strong

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