No Smoking Day
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My day 6

Hey guys and gals:)

Day 6 started withe waking from a dream/nightmare about me smoking! Lol crazy I'm even dreaming about it now! Still didn't sleep great :/ but today craving didn't feel as bad and I just keep thinking tmro is a whole week!:) and I get to go to my smoking class and tell them I haven't smoked!!!

Defo smells increased! Neighbour smoke and it goes through the vent into

Mine, didn't notice before but can smell smoke so strongly!! Made me feel sick (that's good right!?! Lol)

Hope it all going good guys :)

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Hi Cheeky Chels,

Many congrats on reaching Day 6, it will soon get so much easier trust me;)

And as to the smell of smokers, well I really can't stand it:eek: I went into the city centre on Friday and it was so bad I thought coachloads of peeps had been deliberately brought in to annoy ME LOL!! Guess the heightened smell of smokers will dissapate in time but right now it's driving me mad:eek: Probably is a good thing though cos it puts me off smoking myself.

Anyways, good luck with your quit,, we can do this oh yes!!



Thanks Hun!

Of course we can!:) but think mine diet will suffer lol :p


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