Day 9...a bit difficult today

Felt a bit low today. Again probably not to do with smoking or rather not smoking. I feel quite emotional, but that's "normal". And having a fag wouldn't make it better!!

Saw the nurse...have no carbon monoxide in my body!!

Going to pub tonight with 2 ex-smokers so feel "safe". I like alcohol (in moderation of course!) and seem to be able to disassociate drinking from smoking...well, lets hope so.

Good luck to all the new people on the forum.


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  • Hi Lizzie,

    Sorry you're feeling a bit low *hug*

    Well done on getting so far, and I hope you enjoy your drink tonight :)


  • Lizzie, also on day 9 and am feeling atad crappy so your not alone!!

    Make sure you have a great time down the pub tonight!!!:)

    Nearly @ double figures in terms of days!! :)


  • mmmhhh Day 9 seems to have 'rattled' a few cages ?

    note to self: watch out for Day 9 :confused:

    Stay strong Lizzie, and just think you'll be double digits tomoz ... whey hey !!

    p.s enjoy your drinks tonight (but not too many eh ?)

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