Roll call Octoberians

Hiya to everyone in month 3, Im very glad to be here and Im going to work hard to complete the 4 weeks that lie in front of me.

Im not going to apologise for this but Ive put a roll call for all the octoberians to log in and let us know they are still here, and Im unashamedly going to keep bumping this up for a few days.

Ive had a nose through our group members and if we go on sign ins I believe we have about a 50% success rate so far. It would just be nice to know for real how we are doing as a group.



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  • Wait for poor Tropical :(

    I was only an hour and a half off being a November quitter

  • here and still quitting SIR lol sorry felt all army like for a sec tee hee.


  • Yes Sir - Here Sir - Present and (almost) Correct Lillie Sir!!!

    I agree - I reckon loads of us are still going - we should offer our services to the NHS:D

    I have replaced nicotine addiction with a stuffed olive one but not complaining - neither is my belly:eek:


  • here miss!!!!!!!

  • yes officer dibble


  • Hiya Guys & Gals :p

    Chickendoodle reporting for duty Sir ;)

  • Seven so far out of 30 members of the October group. Ive spoken to Elizabeth64 by e mail and she is still with us, so is Lisa although she is having a break so 9 so far. Im hoping we still have at least 15 still with us. When I had a look at last sign in dates it seemed that we still had about half of us as regular users.

    Lillie xxx

  • I'm still around as well...

  • Sorry everyone but still looking for at least another 5 members to check in



  • I think it should be mandatory to publish your address like Jacob (?) so we can egg people who don't stay on the board

  • Still here guys :D

    Gaynor x

  • I know Danger Mouse has been posting so she is still going - is that 11?

  • 12 I think with Dangermouse.


  • im still live and kicking!! Also smoke free which still feels good to say :) so make me unlucky 13

  • Well I think at 2 months we still have 13 out of 30 members. How many of us think we will still be non smoking at 12 months.

  • How many of us think we will still be non smoking at 12 months.

    ALL OF US :mad:

  • he he he xoxoxox

  • Wonder if they evented time-travel then yet - then it could be like that nicorette advert where the girl comes back to tell the current girl she has given up...could have all our future 13 selves visiting us to tell us we carry on quitting! That would be cool :cool:

    It's Friday and I'm rambling - time for a red wine I think!

  • Hello fellow Octoberians, I'm still here. Miss you all xx


  • I'm here but not in month 3 yet!! I'm on 6 weeks tomorrow.

    I've put on a bit of weight and made myself all depressed about it - so I've started running with my dogs every other day, plus doing lots of sit ups to try and tone up the abdomen a bit!!

    I'm lucky that I was only a size 8 to start with, but don't want to end up a couch potato, which is tough when I am so tired and just want to stuff my face with food! lol!

    The quit itself is going really well. Not craving much at all so think I have it quite easy compared to some. Really proud of myself!

    Hope everyone is well. Don't spend too much time on here now due to the running/work/horses/kids etc. Trying not to dwell on the fact that I have quit really.

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