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Now in week 7


Not been posting as much as before, but still been lurking on here and reading through others' posts.

I think I'm pretty used to not smoking now, although I can't as yet say I've reached the 'Yippee, I'm free' stage.

I'll admit I've been having a few 'just want to try one' thoughts, partly out of curiousity really, and partly because, despite all the evidence to the contrary, I still struggle with the idea that 'just one' would get me hooked again. So far I've just been trying to follow the wisdom of those who have fallen foul of this, but I can't help being plagued by the thought. Perhaps it's because I don't understand the science behind it - I should look it up really. I'm like a child who keeps asking 'why?' all the time :p

Otherwise, I've noticed a small improvement in my lung capacity. My nose is still blocked up, but I think that might be a mould issue - can't seem to get rid of the damn stuff in the flat :mad:

Cut down on the use of the patches - more through an allergy than anything else. I'm a bit concerned that coming off nicotine altogether might actually be detrimental - my blood pressure has dropped to below normal, which isn't too bad, but my pulse pressure seems to suggest that I'm one step away from zombiedom. Given the meds I'm on, my blood pressure should be sky high! :confused:

Sorry, I should really be more positive. I am happy that I'm not smoking, I just wish I'd see more benefits.

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Hey jen,

I was looking for you in the Month 1 section, so i'm happy to see you over here...i can move here on the

I too have the exact same thoughts, the "i jsut wanna know what they taste like" thoughts...but i'm pretty sure i know the answer....which in some ways scares me and some ways makes me hate them more...LOL

I have noticed littel when i walk upstairs to my room and hop on the bed, my heart isnt racing like it used to, or raking the leaves this weekend i noticed that i wasnt short of breath....these arent big, but to me they are....oh, and I was trying decongestants in the morning to help me breath a bit better...they really work well.

Keep up the quit!


Well done Jem :D reaching week 7 . Your doing so brilliant .

You know what the "one" will do , it will create the need for next one.

What will it taste like ?........Utterly disappointing. :(

I thrown my 12 year quit away to just find that out.

But you know all that and you are strong . Keep going ;)

Wow Dorset you have got me intrigued now?

Would be interesting to hear your story regarding losing a 12yr quit. It's a long time to be quit and I think the "one puff" theory is something we seem to be wondering about (those of us around the 4 week stage).

I guess you've prob told it many times but might be good for us newbies to read your story and how it happened. The benefit of experience and hindsight can be invaluable.

Please post if you get time!



I try to write something down in another thread. It's been such a long time and I never spoke about it. It might help me to understand why it happened.


Hi...I'd be really interested In Dorset's reply.

I started smoking after 3 years of quitting. I was very stressed, my marriage was breaking down. I remember just taking a drag on someone's fag and that was kind of it for me.

Maybe because the circumstances were so difficult, NOT smoking was the last thing on my mind.

I didn't smoke out of curiosity it was more an act of desperation!


maybe you can add your post under mine :D . I put a post under

"Help To Stop" , I didn't know where to put it :o .

Friends ehhhh, thats how I picked up again. :(

3 years , thats an awful long quit you had .

Friends ehhhh, thats how I picked up again. :(

Ditto, I started at 13 yrs old for 6 months, quit for 18 months, then was badgered into one 'for old times sake' by my so-called best friend. FFS, we were 15 - how could we even have an 'old times sake' :confused:

It's the 'friends' situation I'm still dreading, I reckon some of my friends from way-back-when will try and tempt me.

I think it's the only time when a smoker will happily give smokes away - when they want you to be back on the losing side with them. :mad:

It is so good that you are all giving it another attempt and haven't given in to those troublesome little cigs!

Keep up the good work!!

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