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Weekend over - Mission accomplished

So, a very drunken Friday night, followed by a head pounding Saturday morning kids Zumba lesson, with a teacher who has no right to be that f*k%ng cheerful with a room full of high energy 6 year olds, and their mums (well, there has to be one reason for me to go along :-P )

Then to round off the weekend, we hosted a birthday party with 10 4 year olds running amok for 3 hours, pumped up on cake, and assorted sugar fixes.. And if I find out which parent thought it amusing to buy a "machine gun with realistic sound".......

So to arrive at Monday morning with my quit counter still ticking away, is a big bonus! Good luck this week to all!

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Your post made me think fondly of my "Sister"

When it came to xmas and b/day presents, EVERYONE was instructed SILENT toys or else!

If this rule was infringed upon, you can be gauranteed that by the following morning the "Offending" toy had been sumarrally SILENCED.

My Neice's and Nephews had Rubber duck's that never quacked, doggie's that never barked, Guns that never shot ROTFL


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