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Day 4 - Mind Games ??

Hi All,

Pleased to report in that Day 4 is now over and out :D

Good day really, (for most part) I didn't even think about smoking until at least an hour or so of being up and about, normally I struggle most, first thing with my morning cuppa but not so this morning.

Still experiencing the odd mad voice in the head every now and again….. 'just have a quickie, no one needs to know' ….or 'your doing so well, you deserve just one cig'.....:eek: but nothing too strong I couldn't deal with.

My quit counter (nicely rec by lillie) has told me that 'my physical addiction is now over following 72 hours of none smoking' whoop whoop...! then why do I have these nasty thoughts to have one ?? lol

I would describe Day 4 as quite easy to be honest, easier than day 3 anyway so that’s got to be good but I have had x1 major ‘head masher upper’ later in the day…

Anyone who read my Day 1 post will remember my best mate Tony acted as the ‘ass kicker’ I needed to go from talking the quit to doing the quit…. He has recently started his quit using Champix and is about 2(ish) months ahead of me and because we are sooooo competitive (it’s a boy thing) I had a reserve tank of ‘quit stamina’ building for emergency use !

Well, he calls up to see me today and we’re having a chat, ‘Day 4 for me pal’ … I proudly say, ‘Fantastic, well done mate’ he says…. then I’m asking him about any negative thoughts, craves, do you still get them …blaa blaa

He responds with.... ‘not much now pal, say 2/3 craves per week but if they are really strong just have a fag !!! WTF…!!! Are You Serious ….??

Are you telling me your still smoking ? ‘Errrmm, …I’ve only had 3 or 4’… he says … it's as normal as.......(something really normal ?)

I’ll never smoke properly again and it’s ok to have the odd one, whilst your still on the Champix ?

I was proper shocked…. ‘You bleeping bleep bleep’ (cause ladies read my post) I said .... and he just laughed it off like it was OK ??

So after he left…. I keep getting more of the

‘just have one’

‘it’s o.k. cause Tony told you… he has the odd one’

‘don’t let him get away with having one… you have one too then your even’

It may sound really daft because he can please himself and it doesn’t affect me if he smokes 100 per day but I feel like I’ve been cheated…… like we were playing cards and I’ve caught him with an ACE up his sleeve….. I would throw my hand in and say that’s IT ….I’m not playing with a cheat. This really has un-nerved my thought process….mmmhhhh

Secretly I'm a bit glad....:o because in my book if I last 3 months+ without so much as a puff..... I've beat him !! so I should use that to help see me through to the 3 month mark.

Ah well, I can hold my head up high….. I haven’t cheated….. (

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DONT lol

Hi Dragon

First off, thank's for the amusing posts.

Now on to the matter at hand, DONT even take a puff ! I can gaurantee you your "Mate" will be back to full blown smoking, soon very very soon.

You have done so well to get this far, dont let other people talk you into compromising your morals.

Well done! and I will follow your progress with keen interest :)

Stay Strong !


Don't have one Dragon....that's how my 3 year quit failed.

One is never enough!

Well done to getting tp Day 4


Hi Dragon,

You should be proud of you achievement.

I remember my day 4. I reminded myself all day long on how well I was doing by quitting for more than 1/2 a week :)

Stay strong.


Day 5 - hits the canvass !

Hi All,

Thanks for the supportive comments from Day 4's whinging.....:rolleyes:

Don't know why I let my mate 'having the odd one' bother me really...I just felt a bit cheated ?? ....I guess it would be like one of you guys posting your 'clean' days and then just slipping in that you've been having the odd one along the way ......WTF !! (see....these champix are turning me into a big girl ?)

Anyway, after a bit of a sulk..... Day 5 went pretty smooth, I was getting a few of the Nico-Demon temptation voices.... 'just have half.... a few puffs won't do any harm :eek: so I came on the boards yesterday just to boost the 'quit stamina' and peace was restored !

Must say the ladies where on form last night...... some hillarious post's:

(Pip and her hubbys trainers...... I'm still laughing when I think about her post, ...Brilliant !) I think someone needs to warn Pip's hubby that he may be in serious danger.... lol

Hey, and what about the poster (sorry can't remember who ?) who'd stop for 12 YEARS and started again.... OMG scary stuff !!

Into Day 6 now..... no probs so far, although I am still a little unhappy with this sore throat lark and the coughing up of my internal organs, in the morning ? hopes this passes cause it's a little de-motivating :(

(see there I go again .... whinging like a girlie)

Catch up later my fellow non-smokers !

Stay strong !!!


Hi dragon,

So THIS is where you've been hiding your Day 6 post - I have been looking for it all morning LOL:rolleyes: Glad you still going strong, and don't worry about the nico demons, they are all sitting quietly knitting cats in a car park in Cardiff where I left them yesterday, so they won't bother US:D And if they even attempt it I have my sturdy water pistol ready so I think they would be a bit 'put out' about that:D

Sorry about sore throat, I am still getting those too I'm afraid, but a small price to pay really for stopping smoking.

SO, keep going dragon, you are doing so well, just don't go to ASDA any time soon cos my nerves can't stand it:D



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