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Day 7...hmm

I find Sunday's quite difficult. Was going to go to an exercise class, but I'm still not dressed!

Feel a bit empty. I know smoking would not help as this is a recognizable feeling. I don't think this is anything to do with (not) smoking.

I should follow my own advice (!) and embrace this mood. Moods/feelings are like the weather, change all the time.

Sorry..not very positive.

STILL, tomorrow is a week!!

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Hi Lizzie,

I know what you mean, I didn't get much done in my first week and my moods were all over the place too. I certainly couldn't have contemplated going to an exercise class so well done for even thinking about it! My Day 7 was bad - I saw a lady smoking in the park and really wanted a cigarette, and that really threw me, making me doubt myself and feel that there was no way I could possibly stay quit smoking. So I was far from positive! Yet here I am in Day 24:eek: It has been hard, but yesterday was the first day I had a very strong feeling of NOT wanting to smoke, and it was such a relief:cool:

So stay strong and tomorrow you will have completed your first week and you will be so proud of yourself:D

Take care,




you doing so well. I was all over the place the first weeks. I wasn't able to think of doing anything, letting alone exercise. A little walk sometimes helps me, but thats after weeks. I used to sleep non-stop.

One thing I know, it will get easier. I know it doesn't feel like it now, but you get here :D

keep going , you can be so proud of yourself


Thank you Zoe and Dorset, really appreciate your support.

I'm glad to be here on day 7. I'm impatient I suppose, I want everything to fall into place NOW!!! I've got a lot of stuff to sort out which smoking has distracted me from for years

All in good time!

Have a great day



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