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Day 3 - Target Destroyed !

Yeee Haww !!! Day 3 done and dusted.

Didn't get off to the best start to be honest..... woke up this morning with a proper sore throat, like I swallowed a spikey golf ball during the night :mad:

Then…. Once I was up and about I start coughing my internal organs up !! WTF ?

I never never (very rarely) have coughs/colds blaa blaa when smoking ? Give up for 3 days and I’m rough as a bears a** ? Not a happy chap

I’m assuming it’s got something to do with this ‘your body starting to clear itself’ lark OR I could have the on set of the dreaded MAN-FLU ! dum dum dumm (you ladies obviously wouldn’t understand how serious man-flu is)

Anyway, after feeling sorry for myself and getting very limited sympathy from Mrs Dragon, a mini test was nearing…. My beloved Liverpool were playing Man U live on t.v ! A poor display from the pool would almost certainly increase the fag intake under normal circumstances, and any dodgy referee decisions could send me over the edge…. As it was, no major scares (off the pitch) and it turned out to be a pretty boring 1-1 draw…..phew … test successfully complete !

Then went to local Asda for poorly Nan to collect her some food stuff, OMG !!

I was seriously close to causing death and destruction on several occasions, the place was rammed full, people banging into me, blocked isles, screaming kidz…. !!! Aarrrghhh…..let me out. Sheesh….. it was like a war zone, I got back to the car a felt what I think was my first strong crave…. I really wanted a fag. But I took a few deep breaths counted to about 6 million, run over a few old ladies in the car park and then felt much calmer. (didn’t really run any old ladies over ….honestly)

When I got home and for most of the remaining afternoon/evening I felt a little ‘weird’ like I had rattled an internal demon….. I kept thinking about smoking… Honestly never came close to falling off the wagon but thinking weird thoughts like…. do I really, really want to quit, does it really matter, haven’t I proved to myself that I ‘could’ quit ?? Sooooo…. I thought only one way to kill off these thoughts and visited the boards, read loadz and loadz of threads, post and stop smoking links and I can honestly say that I’m fully focused again ! I like that Joel chap...his stuff makes sense.

It wasn’t like I was gonna actually smoke but I was questioning myself ?? all very peculiar me thinks ? must be the champix !

Anyway, onward and upward Day 4 ….. the gun is being loaded, your in my sights !!

Good Nite All (sweet-dreams champix

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Oh no Dragon you've DEFO got man-flu:eek: And I just read the Sunday paper and there was a whopping great headline:-


Guess that was you then?? Oh dear:confused:

Seriously though, everything you just described is absolutely normal for Day 3, I remember it well. I was like a mad thing, walking through the streets crying and thinking 'I've got nothing left' LOL what a drama queen. Just as well I didn't go into a supermarket or I would be in jail by now. It really was the day from hell! And the sore throats and flu-like symptoms are normal as well. I still get sore throats but my nose has stopped running, I hope.

Anyways, I'm so glad you got through it, you are over the worst now so well done!! It will be a week before you know it!! And keep posting on here, I really like reading your posts, reckon you will be a world reknowned author by the time you get to a year!!

Hope you having a great Day 4:D





I have enjoyed reading your posts. Very entertaining!

Keep going I am looking forward to reading your adventures of a quitter part 4 tomorrow.

Best of luck and it does get easier, truly.

maxine :D


Thanks for your supportive comments ladies, I know I go on a bit but I'm finding writing diary notes is really helping.... it kind of closes the door on each smoke free day. It's weird though, I can't post until after midnight or I feel like I'm cheating cause the day is not completed, I think I'm losing it ?? :confused: lol

Zoe - You don't know how close I came to making those headlines come I felt like a raging nutter... I can't believe women can be so rude and dangerous with a trolley. It's the first time that I've felt like I would normally feel deprived of fags and no champix..... praise the lord for champix.


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