Day 3 over and out

Today wasn't too bad really. Had to survive a couple intense, but nonsense conversation with myself. A few times I even automatically reached for my cigarettes and had to say to myself "oh yeah I forgot I don't smoke anymore" and that felt weird - but good. Dealt with a headache and hot flashes on and off most of the day, hoping that was just the last of the nicotine messing with my body and not a return of menopause:eek: Totally wiped out , so I'm calling it a night . Thanks everyone and Y'all have a good day

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  • Hi Que , those early symptoms of quitting can indeed be torrid, but your pushing on to your first week, in my book that's amazing.

    I so hope today passes without to much incident.

    you will start to feel so much healthier soon.

    Doing great

  • Thanks Tracey I already feel much better today

  • Well done to you Que. A day, hour, minute at a time. As needed. My heating up has stopped apart from cutting back the champix. For the first 3 weeks of stopping I carried a full pack on me and never touched it. Eventually gave them away.

  • Well aren't you the brave one to carry a full pack on you, I couldn't have done it - Luckily when I reached for mine yesterday, it was just an old habit and thank goodness I didn't have any to find or I just may have found myself back in Day 1.

  • I don't know why this time was different. Previous quits or even having a really bad cold and I would have been in that packet.

    And phew to it being habitual for you to look for them. Good going.

  • Good morning Que

    Day 4 now, this week is not good but you're getting there. Remember we are here if you need today. Hope it's a good one. not far to 1 whole week!!!

  • yes, this week is not very good, but its half way to being over and that makes me very happy - thanks

  • Hi all, i am glad to be a member of this forum. It is my 3rd day !!! (smoking 20 years, 5 cig/day) Reading all this posts is really helping, thank you guys:-)

  • Day 3 is great. Welcome x

  • Welcome 76barbora and congratulations on 3 days !! yes your absolutely right - reading and posting on this site is a tremendous help - that's what helped me get to day 5!!

    Just think - your already half way through the week already - now doesn't that sound awesome !!!

    Hang in there, stay strong and have another great no smoke day

  • Day 5 already, Que! Brilliant stuff - you're doing so well :)

    And 76Barbora, welcome :D Are you using any NRT, or is it cold turkey for you? Fabulous work, getting to three days!

  • Fantastic Que, not far off now.... by the weekend it will probably just be a psychological addiction.... this is what I keep reminding myself when I get an urge.... deep breathing and a piece of fruit perhaps?

    The early days are tough, but it's only tough for a short time, after this it really does get better :)

    Welcome Barbora, 3 days is an amazing achievement - well done! :)

  • Thanks Celestine - deep breathing does help, and I'm really am trying to get back to fruit - but for some reason I always end up diving into the carbs.

    Oh well maybe by next week things will settle and I can go back to eating better - at least I'm not smoking!!

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