7 weeks

I am still doing well and I reached week 7 :D

I haven't been posting much, still stressed out from work but I can cope and thats amazing . I am using less and less NRT and I feel I don't need it anymore. I keep it in my drawer just in case :D

This quit is different from all the other ones. I always felt , I am loosing out , I am suffering , I can't have fun and my life has stopped the day I quit, even got depressed about it .

My thinking has changed, it doesn't bother me people smoking around me, seeing cigarettes lying around , or going to the shop seeing my favorite cigarettes on the shelve waiting for me. How strange is that ??

I hope everyone is well and I promise to post more regulary :p

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  • Hi dorset and well done on reaching Week 7, that is awesome:D I am just starting Week 4 and I seem to be settling down a bit in the last couple of days. I'm like you, on previous quit attempts I felt as if I was depriving myself of something but now I'm actually starting to like not smoking. So all is good, well today anyway. I might go back to being a bat out of hell tomorrow but I'll deal with it when it comes:D

    Enjoy the rest of Sunday,


  • zoe

    I started to calm down in week 4,your doing so well zoe :D. All my quit I was non stop on the edge...now I'm " doesn't bother me ". Let's keep that feeling and we make it through.

    Like you said, the first time that I am really happy to not smoke.

    We can do it ,yayyyyy

  • dorset I'm glad things calm down in Week 4 cos I don't think I could cope with too many more major craves, it's nice to have a rest:cool: Just realised that if I make it to next Sunday I will have gone a month:eek: Can't believe it!! Will defo be big treat time then!!

    Lets keep going - we can do this:D


  • Zoe

    I know what you mean with a rest, it feels so good. It gives us a view, how it will be and that its worth it to carry on, lets enjoy the feeling . The nico - monster will give up making daily visits :D I told him a long time that he is not welcome anymore eheheheheh:cool:

  • well done dorset i am well proud of you i knew you could do this i could tell in your early posts there was a positive determination inside of you and you just had to see that yourself and you have

    stay strong and keep going the future is brilliant believe me

  • Well done Dorset you are doing great!!


  • Thank you boo ,betty boop and una :)

    I wanted to quit so much but didn't know how and why I was failing everytime. Mostly failing . :o

    One thing's for sure, I would've not made it without you all on here and the forum. I am feeling the freedom and peace that I always wanted.

  • hey dorset

    hey dorset how are you. i am doing fine and still off the cigarettes .now on day 24 and doing well . live long and prosper.

  • Hey Dorset! Well done! Am still following closely behind you.:p..had a tough few days other week but it seems to have passed. Really looking forward to getting into chat in month 3! Cant quite believe it!! See u in there..glad to see ur post! :)

  • Nicki , glad your still close behind me. I can feel you breathing in my neck hehehheheh , nice to have you close around :D

  • Still rooting for you dorset! Keep up the good work!!

  • Thank you Tombo , you showing me how its done :D

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