No Smoking Day
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My day 6 Hard!!


Today has been the hardest I have found all week to be quiet enjoyable but today was different I was jittery(only way to explain it) i didnt know what to do with myself I couldnt sit at my desk for long had to keep getting up and walking around my whole body had that feeling of I dont know were to put it?? Anyone else been like this I havent thought of smoking I still dont want to but have just been really weird!!

I have been doing deep breaths feel like I need to to make my body relax.

I have just done a work out dvd I had no energy before I started it still have non now I have finnished!! lol

I can honestly say day 6 has been the hardest for me!! Hiope tomorrow will be better But I know it will get better in a few weeks I wont be thinking about smoking!!

Jo x

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Well done Joanna for getting through a difficult day. I'm a day behind you, so I'm just hoping that I can cope as well as you.

Everyday is different, every hour is different..we've just got to stick with it!

Hope today is good one.



My day 6 was horrible too, I got through it by remembering its only one day and tomorrow will be different. Get through the day and celebrate your full week tomorrow, you will feel so proud of yourself.

lillie xx


Just hang on in there Jo. Hopefully today has been a bit easier for you. Try to have some nice treats over the week end to reward yourself for your first week. Things will get less agonising quite quickly now.


Hi Jo,

Maybe a nice long walk tomorrow would help you to relax? That's if it's not pouring down anyway! I find a nice hot bath works wonders, or even just lying in bed for half an hour with my eyes closed.

Well done on a week btw :)


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