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Day 4 thought

Day 4 is going surprisingly well. What's happened to me??

Don't seem to be struggling too much and then this thought pops into my head...Why am I doing this??

In 4 days my wheeziness has gone and so has my horrible cough (almost). I'm not embarrassed by my horrible stale smoke smell. I can waft around at work smelling like my perfume, I could probably kiss someone and I wouldn't taste too bad!!;)

So why am I doubting myself? Its not even to do with any cravings, because I've only had one today and it was very mild.

Hopefully this is momentary madness!


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Hi Elizabeth,

Well done for getting through to day 4.

I think those thoughts are pretty normal - after all, you've made a big change to your life and your brain is still trying to get used to it, even though it's a good change.

I think we're programmed to see change as a 'threat'.Think of it this way, how often do people get pre-wedding jitters, or a sense of panic when they start a new job?

It will calm down as you get used to your new normal. :)



Hiya Elizabeth. My day 4 was much the same. Its just that little voice in your head reminding you that you are *giving something up*. Remember the only thing you are giving up is ill health, smelling bad and burning money, you are gaining so much more.

Your replies to my posts have helped me, I only hope I can repay the favour. There is a forum on here where you can record your reasons for stopping, record them and then revisit it whenever you feel like giving in.

Keep on keeping on

Lillie xxx


Hi Elizabeth,

Well done on getting to day four. It's games your brain is playing with you, that's why you feel like this. You have to reshape your sense of identity as the new nonsmoking you, and for a while it doesn't seem right and nothing seems to 'fit'. How long it takes for your state of mind to shift varies from person to person, but as long as you stay strong it will happen eventually.

How great is it not to wheeze? After I'd been quit about 2 weeks I remember being able to take huge deep breaths, which before would have sent me into horrible coughing fits. It was such an amazing sensation.

Keep on keeping on, one day at a time!

helen x


Thank you ladies. You're right, something in my life is amiss and of course its going to take a while to adjust. This is a 30 year addiction/habit/way of life that I am attempting to change.

Just been to aerobics...realise how unfit I am, but at least I can breathe!!

Really appreciate your wise words.

Have a good evening



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