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No Smoking Day
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day 5 my story

Think ive just about forgiven myself for the blip yesterday,woke up this morning still feeling a little panicky but guess what i didnt want a fag in fact after yesterday i knew i didnt want one or need one to make me feel better,and what a great day i have had.

Champix will still be in my system for a couple of days im told,but after that ,i dont think im going to take anything,well i dont think i need to and i dont want any nicotine back in my system.

Physically,i have a few headaches but not as bad,and really bad dry mouth today for the first time,oh and i think my toilet habits are starting to change too but i guess no one really wants to hear that lol.

Im so proud to be here on day 5 feeling as good as i do thanks to people on here who have been very supportive.

I can honestly tell you if you were to have a fag right now you really would hate it i know you would and you would feel a lot worse than the nagging feeling that u want one ,keep going people dont let the nic monster win.

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Well done!!

Im on day 4 (well the end of) and feeling just about the same as you we can all do this!!!

Its all about the thought process I think? lol

Good luck stay strong!!!

Jo x


Well done Mrs Wills. It's good to see you still ahead of me (Day 3 tomorrow...)

Someone at work who gave up about 3 months ago said to me today...

"you might want a cigarette, but you don't need one"

I like that..it kind of sums it up for me.

Take care



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