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No Smoking Day
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Question...is it just time?

Really interested in reading peoples experiences especially when they've done several weeks or more

Is it just a matter of getting 'through' the bad days? (I'm only on day 2!!)

I feel a bit like I cheated this morning because I went back to bed!!

I feel I should be embracing this quit rather than hiding from it. (Maybe I've been reading too much Allen Carr)

Has anyone else felt like that?

I don't suppose it matters as long as we stay smoke free.

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Hi Elizabeth

I seem to remember at the begining of my quit I did whatever I had to do to remain smoke free.

Given that I could easily have stabbed a smoker and nicked his fags it was indeed a tough job!!! :rolleyes:

I also read Allen Carr, and whilst this was helpful and gave me inspiration for the first few weeks, it wasn't until I read nicotine the drug that never was by Chris Holmes that my quit fell into place.

Still each to their own....;)


Hi Elizabeth,

It is a matter of time. It's different for everyone, how long it takes before being a non smoker feels like the norm. But however long it takes, you only have to remember one thing: get through today. There will be easier days and tougher days, but you only have to worry about this day, right now.

Read the link in my sig - it says it all.

You can do this.

Helen x


I do believe that it's just a matter of time.

It's still very early for me too (just a month), but already I can feel how much easier it is (the first 2 weeks was definately the worst, but not the end of the world)

As for the Allan Carr lines, I found some of them very irritating, but others extremely effective. I actually thought his line about not feeling jealous of smokers but pitying them was a load of crap, but the other day I went past an airport smoking booth (I don't think they have them in the UK now), and nobody in there actually seemed to be enjoying themselves. Just all sucking away and trying to get out of the room as soon as possible from the looks of it - I remember doing the same before when I used them.


Hey Elizabeth,

Yes, I agree, it is just getting through the days. But it's also how you focus yourself. In the early days we all have our chosen starter for 10 in getting the quit off the ground....Allen Carr is as affective as anything else....what matters mostly is that the method you use does get you off the ground.

In these early stages when you have a strong focus towards your quit then it's a really good idea to read and educate yourself of the processes that your body is going through. I remember doing a national no smoking day many, many years ago by just staying in bed. Not really the most effective day in my life. Rather make use of them and get some effective information taken on board.

Hels reminded me of a phrase that an old stalwart of the NSD first coined - ongoing mental realignment. That's what you're trying to do and in order to make the coming days, weeks, and months easier do read into the subject.

Other than that I would reiterate that you can do this because so many have. There are tremendous advantages that you'll notice even as you struggle through.

Keep on keepin' on,


PS: I thought your name was familiar ;) I read a thread of yours before, "Got to Stay on Track". One of your bullet points struck me.

4. If I have more energy I may be able to control moments of depression and anxiety better.

Nicotine does act as a catalyst for engendering stress into ones life. Once you've cut that out of your life you notice other similar aspects falling like dominoes. I'm not saying that it's a 100% but it certainly goes a long way to taking the rocks off the path (slight nod to Hels sig).


Hi Elizabeth,

I think for me it definitly has been a case of getting through the bad days. It's true that everyones quit is different though, and you need to do whatever you can to get you through whether that be sleeping, eating, shouting or just daydreaming.

I seem to have days which pass by like a dream and then I get 1 really bad day out of nowhere. I have realised that if I just stay strong and get through that 1 bad day then the next few are usually easy.

If at worst I get 3 bad days a week I'm still having 4 good days. I figure I am now winning the balance. If I get that down to 2 bad days, then 1 then none I have acheived my goal.

Keep at it, you're doing really well!



I am just taking each day at a time, as i know i have low willpower.

At lunch though i did go for a walk because i was ready to go get some and light up but got through it and feel fine. Only thing i am worried about is having a drink tonight. Dont know how i will get through that.

I am glad we are still going strong and lets keep it going.

P.s wish i could sleep make it even easier.


Hi elizabeth ,what a couple of days ive had,but im still here ,youre doing great,and dont be hard on yourself,just do what you need to do.

We are going through a life changing experience not only for our minds but our body too,why make it even harder for yourself,take care of youre body, take a nap, a hot bath,read a book,i certainly do when i feel a craving coming on ,and i have gone through beechams and losenges for my cold like withdrawal too,do whatever is going to make you happy you more than deserve it .


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