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Day 28

I think that today is my 28th day not smoking and although I have not been posting regularily I have been intensly reading and learning from the forum.

I now feel more ready to share my journey.

Like most people the past few weeks have had a lot of highs and lows but I seem to have got this far without toooo many problems (or perhaps the value of hind sight is helping to make the problems that I had seem small). Don't yet feel confident that my "non-smoking" future is secure as I have been here before and failed.

I certainly do not feel confident about "boasting" about how far I've come because I'd be afraid that pride may come before a fall..... and I don't want to tempt that.

However, I would like to say to all those who are starting out on this journey that I have almost forgotten what those early day cravings felt like and I'm expecting the "longings" that remain to get easier as time goes by.

Hope I'm not tempting that pride thing.:eek::eek:

Thought I'd make this post today as I'm off on holiday, in the morning, and won't be able to post OR view for a few weeks!!!

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Have a great holiday Grumpie. Bear in a mind a few people have found their quit more difficult on their hols - new associations to be broken. I'm sure you will be fine, but no time for complacency!


Thanks for the advice Mrs t. I'll be careful!:)


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