Coughing Up

Sorry not nice subject.......

I've been coughing, like the 'smokers bark' thing but none of the productive stuff thats may be clearing of the lungs...does this come at different times or is it not likely for everyone....i prob know the answer to this already as i know we're all different and noones an expert on lung function here ( or maybe someone us ? Lol ) but wondered anyones experience of this in general.....

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  • sorry can't help you on this but it's something I have wondered about as well. It will be 3 weeks on Tuesday for me since I last smoked and I have not even noticed a cough yet. Keep waiting for it to kick in and my lungs to have a good clear out but so far nothing at all. Other than feeling light headed for the first few days and a couple of nights disturbed sleep I haven't had any side effects at all which I find surprising after over 30 years of smoking.

  • Hi NickiJane and Claire,

    I am only on Day 17 but was expecting to kick up some gunge so am disappointed?? Wosh goin on?? Meanwhile I have developed some mouth ulcers tonight which I don't like at all. Not enough to make me want to smoke but still blummy irritating. Am kind of feeling irratable too, so just waiting to see my doctor.


  • Yes

    I coughed up phlegm every 15 minutes or so for a few days like week 3. Try laughing to something it will aggravate it but Im breathing good now long deep breaths of O2 feels good.

  • Nope

    Not a thing in over ten weeks.

    The only cough I have had is the dry, asthmatic kind.

  • Hey zoe i felt ultra emotional around ur time of quit..a complete roller coaster so i know jow i feel...hang in there....

    Yep strange to feel cheated outta phlegm lol but i do....anyway b glas to see another day pass today

  • Hi

    I had an unproductive cough starting around week 3 then a productive one from about week 4, not yuccky stuff though which surprised me. I still cough from time to time but it seems to be getting less as the weeks go by. It will, like all other symptoms, pass. :)

  • Hi

    I am over a month in, and haven't coughed once. Which is disappointing. However, I went to the gym today and broke into a sweat before my lungs gave up on me, so my respiratory function must be improving!

    My OH is only a couple of weeks in, and from day one, he has had a tickly cough. Not really coughing stuff up, just an irritating cough. The NHS Stop-Smoking Advisor told him about little hairs in his airways that the cigarette smoke burnt off, and how now that he isn't smoking, they are growing back and feeling tickly.

    She didn't offer any explanation as to why his lung hairs are making him cough and mine aren't. I suppose we are all a bit different!

  • Isn't it kind of weird how we feel disappointed when one of the withdrawal symptoms doesn't happen? I reckon it's got something to do with the fact that the benefits of quitting are usually laid out in the form of a list! :D

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