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day 3 my story wobbly start

Day 3 already can believe how quick its gone,well today started very bad from the moment i woke all i can think about is smoking,how good it would be ,even though i know it wont,think maybe its because i know my husband has some in his bag,but coming on here and reading posts has calmed me down.

Last night was fine think i find it a lot easier on a night when i can just chill out and read my book but think today will be a challenge sunday is my most stressfull day,its so busy and i would always smoke more on a sunday.

Its not a day i can really take time to myself and sit down for a bit to calm down if i have a craving,usually my reward for working so hard would be 5 mins at the back door with a cig,but not today!

This is my worst day already and its barely even started ,but ive just gotta think how proud i will be when ive got through it ,really hope i can do myself proud today,if i feel too down ill just come on here and have a read,it really does help .

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Hi mrswills,

I know how you feel as two weeks ago today I was on Day 3 and boy oh boy was it the pits with a capital P:eek: I was so restless I didn't know what to do, all I could think about was cigarettes, I was so light-headed I thought I was going to pass out, and crying because I kept thinking 'I've got nothing left'. Oh what a mess:( But I can look back and laugh at myself now). The reason Day 3 is so bad is because the last of the nicotine is leaving your body, and it plays havoc with your head. But tomorrow you will feel so much better and know that you are no longer addicted to nicotine. So stay strong and know that it will never be as bad as this again as long as you don't smoke.

Take care and keep us posted on how you are doing,



Hi Mrs Wills.

Well you've done 2 days already and today is only one day. 2 days is harder than 1 day so today can be done.

Im with u on this one mrs its my day 3 too.

im too busy quitting smoking to bother with smoking again.



Well the day is nearly over and i survived,its been a hard day cravings seem to keep getting worse but i will not give in!

Feeling a little ill too ,sore throaght coughing at night,headaches,but im hoping its my body getting rid of all the crap.

Im hoping i will feel a little better tomorrow,would really like some advice on how long the cravings could last, i know everyones different but guess i need to know i wont feel like this forever .


I say face the craves head on for what they are, nicotine and smoking habits wanting a fix, iv had afew today like when im on the phone or having a cup of coffee, but i managed them smoke free, which means i can manage all the other associations with smoking too numerous to mention . Its wise to give yourself a pat on the back for coming so far. Have you downloaded a quit meter they are free and tell you how long youve stopped how much youve saved how many cigs youHAVNT smoked[a great incentive] and how many hours minutes of your life you have saved. it works for me i love gimmicks and evidence.

all the best



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