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Welcome to Month 3 my story

Afternoon all,

Month three begins today. So I make that 60 days today. Times that by £6.25 = £375 saved. Also I decided to get fit as well as I was seriously unfit. I felt that with giving up smoking all I would be doing would be eating. So seeing the Comic Relief mile I decided to enter that and use that as a milestone (no pun intended).

Each day I have gone for a two mile walk/run and last week got to a mile running which is what I wanted to do anyway. Each day I try to go a little bit further. What is great is not coughing my guts up at the end of the run.

I feel so much better for not smoking and have felt amazing for doing the excercise on top too. I am very high on the smugness rating too LOL.

My secret is just pure will power nothing more nothing less. It has got a lot lot easier now at this stage. I was a 20 a day man for 30 years. I am 43 years old.

So to help me celebrate and as you are all loaded up with cash not spent on cigerettes then go to my Comic Releif page and sponsor me in celebration :)



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although i'm in no position to sponsor anyone due to lack of spare cash (always skint!), i will wish you a truly heartfelt congrats on 3 months.

Keep your guard well and truly up right now though, can be unpredictable around now.. keep that exercise going .. something i wish to do myself.


Thank you Jase

No worries about the sponsorship that was just a cheeky punt by me. The main thing is all yor guys support in giving up smoking. I would reccomend the exercise though, i love the feeling you get after a run. A natural high. If you are not able to run then a brisk walk does the job. Stephen Fry lost a lot of weight through walking. His trick was to download audio books to his iPod and walk while listening.

Walking is a very underated form of exercise. I have found that my focus is on the exercise now and not the giving up smoking. Maybe I have replaced one addiction with another but at least the new one is healthy.

Keep on keeping on.




I was working out that today is my day 62 of non-snoking and by Friday I will have saved exactly £400 since the turn of the new year.

That's pretty damn good if I say so myself.

Go me go me go me.



Hey Well Done there!

Your doing really well, congratulations on your new healthy lifestyle!!!

Whoop whoop! :D


£400 quid saved is always a nice incentive. what you going to spend that on? :)



I wish I had £400 to spend LOL. It just eating away at the overdraft at the moment. Although I did blow £75 on a squash racket, some new footy boots for the boy and a pair of tracksuit trousers for my daughter.

I have to be honest, I am concentrating more on the fitness side then I am the not smoking side. I almost forget I smoked now but feel bad if I do not have my days excercise. Maybe I have replaced one addiction with another :)



Very well done Heathy.

You sound as though you are well over the worse and now beginning your smoke free life for real - excelllent! :D

I too am amazed how much easier exercise is as a non smoker. I have started running too and cannot believe that A) I can do it and B) that I actually enjoy it! I'm doing the couch to 5K regime and am up to 2.8 miles 3 times a week. So anyone not running yet - START!

Keep up the running heathy and remember to treat yourself with that money!

I'm sure I have spent more on myself since quitting than ever before - I justify every spend as fag money! ;)

Massive well done x


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