Quitting for one last time

Greetings from India.

After failing umpteen number of times to quit smoking. Finally determined to kick the butt for one last time. Damn my friends and myself for taking up for smoking 4 years ago. Ahh all the relaxation it gave my nerves. But absolutely not a reason to continue this habit. Found this forum and I'm glad i did. Hope you guys keep me company in my hardest times going to come.

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  • hi and welcome

    of course we will support you this is the best decision you will ever make

  • hi hammerh

    and welcome. Good luck :D

  • As I enter day 2 . All i feel is my impatient, anxious and nervous. In a good way though. Here I come Day 2.

  • Hi hammerh,

    The first 3 days are the worst as you are suffering physically as well as mentally. But once all the nicotine has left your body you will feel better and start to enjoy not smoking, I promise:) There will still be some rough times but you will learn how to cope with them. And keep posting on here, it stopped me from smoking the other night when I nearly caved in.

    Good luck and stay strong.


  • Hi hammerh,

    You made a wise decision. A Chinese proverb says: "be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still".

    Good luck and welcome to the right place.

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